3 Way Calling On A Blackberry

If you are looking for instructions to teach you how to use a Blackberry phone to make a 3 way call, you have come to the right place. Three way calling can be very useful; it can be used to help facilitate conference calls for businesses and corporations and it can be used to create a conference call for loved ones who may live far away from each other. Having the ability to have three (or more) people on the phone at any given time is a great way to enhance communication and have fun in the process. If you are already familiar with three way calling, but you are completely stumped on knowing how to use your Blackberry to make a three way call, here's the process, simplified.

At the time this article was originally written, there was only one main Blackberry model available. Since then, there are many different types of Blackberries, although the way that the Blackberry software is set up has remained fairly consistent. These instructions should get you through the three way calling process fairly easily, even if there are some slight variations with regard to the different screens and menu items. Of course, you will need to make sure that you have a subscription to a 3 way calling feature or you won't be able to three way call anyone. Just like a land line at home, if you do not have the feature available on your phone, you will not be able to use it. 

Assuming that your phone service offers the three way calling feature and that you have an active subscription to the feature, making a three way call on your Blackberry is relatively simple. First, begin by making your first call to the person of your choice, just as you normally would. You will need to wait for the call to be connected before you can proceed.

Once the call is connected, and you are actively speaking to the person that you called, press your "talk" button, or the green call button on your phone. This will put the first call on hold, and allow you to place your second call. You may want to have the first person that you are speaking to know that you plan to place them on a short hold, so that they don't mistakenly assume that you hung up on them, and hang up themselves. You can either type in the second phone number that you wish to call, or you can select the phone number from your contacts list. Wait a moment for the call to be connected.

Once your second call has been connected, go to your Menu key, and click on the option that says "Join". Your two calls will now be connected, and you can have a three way conversation.

If you choose to, you can end your call with only one of the two people that you are speaking to. To disconnect your call from one person only, press the Menu button again, and choose the "End Call" option. You will have the option of choosing which person you would like to disconnect.

Again, please keep in mind that the menus and options might have changed slightly as new Blackberry models have come out and software packages have been updated.

That's it! You have now completed a 3 way call using your Blackberry phone- pretty cool, isn't it?