Everybody loves to attend a good party, but being the host can often be quite daunting. Knowing how to throw a good party is a great skill to have if you plan on entertaining friends. It can be very satisfying knowing you're responsible for everyone having a great and memorable time, not to mention the huge amounts of fun you can have.


How To Throw A Good Party Basics

First of all you must consider the type of party you wish to throw, the amount of guests and the budget you wish to spend. If you have visions of a very large scale party then the hire of a venue will be in order. For now we will consider you throw a house party for entertaining friends.

Next you must consider the date you wish to throw your party. Obviously weekends tend to be preferable as it's not going to be much of a party if friends have to slope off early due to work the next day. Do some research into other events or happenings around the time you want to throw your party. You don't want conflicting dates with other parties or people being too hungover to attend your party due to a big event the night before.


The most important thing you need to consider to throw a good party are the guests you wish to attend. If you fill a place full of good people and good friends you are already guaranteed a great time. The place and entertainment will be an added bonus. Obviously your closest friends are going to be there, then consider the size of your place and how many it will comfortably hold, nothing's worse than a claustrophobic, over packed party. When inviting guests you need to think about how they will react and get on with other guests, will there awkward situations between certain people? Aim for a friendly vibe with guests who will mix well. 

It's a good idea to keep the ratio of girls to boys as even as possible, nobody wants to be at a party with all the same sex.


Next to consider when you throw a party is the budget, and if you want to be providing all the food and drink for everyone. If so you must consider different tastes and what people drink - vodka, wine, lager, champagne. A less expensive and easier way when entertaining friends is just to have people bring their own bottle or drinks to the party and then you can just organize a buffet or random nibbles and a smaller quantity of drinks. This way everyone is guaranteed a drink to their taste. A good idea is to have a nice big bowl of punch or a few jugs of cocktails made up too.


Knowing how to throw a good party also involves knowing what music entertainment to provide. A band? A Dj? or both?

Obviously it will work out quite expensive if you want to fly in the Foo Fighters to play at your party but if its live music you are after usually everybody has a few friends who are in up and coming bands. These bands are usually more than happy for a little more exposure and experience and will often gladly oblige. Live music only really works if you have quite a big place or a good garden with good weather and lenient neighbors. 

Otherwise a DJ is a perfect alternative and the same go's with budget here too. You could hire a top name DJ but generally there is always somebody keen to show off their spinning skills. Just make sure they have a catalogue of the right music for the party.


As host your job is to mingle and make sure everybody is having good time, people are being introduced and getting on and that the entertainment is to everyones liking. A larger scale party will probably just see the guests happy to socialize an mingle with other guests and just flow whereas with a smaller scale party the guests may need some added entertainment such as some drinking games to get them all interacting and on their way to a good time. If you have loud music playing, another room or area is needed with more ambience where people may talk and take a breather.


The Key To A Good Party

At the end of the day the key to throwing a good party is creating a great atmosphere, and making sure that all the guests are relaxed, laughing and having a great time. This can happen in a luxury venue with the best champagne or stood around a good bonfire with a few bottles of cider.

I Hope you now find entertaining friends a little easier and another good thing about knowing how to throw a good party is that it's a great way to meet girls, so hop on over to How To Talk To A Girl You Like - Success With Girls