For some reason, Halloween as a celebration that kids look forward to all yearlong seems to have faded somewhat over the years. Back in the 80's October 31st was a time that kids looked forward to all year long, second only to Christmas. Maybe it's just a sign of the times, but Halloween Trick-Or-Treating seems to have been supplanted somewhat by the Halloween Party.

So, while Trick-Or-Treating is still a popular pastime for Halloween, you need to be able to add the skill of throwing a great party to your repertoire too. Rather than spending that particular holiday evening vegetating in front of the TV watching monster-marathon movie re-runs, why not take the time to plan a great get together for your friends, family, and kids. Black Cat

Happily, that's something we can help you with.

If you're going to be indoors rather than walking the streets on Halloween night, you need to make sure that the party is going to be really special. This, much like everything in life, takes a little planning and a little bit of imagination.

Choose a theme
You can choose your regular Halloween theme of monsters, or the supernatural, or whatever your heart desires but the important thing is that you make sure you convey your theme to your guests. You don't want the party to be a slipshod mess. The last thing you want is for people to be bored and leave early, so plan the entertainment ahead and communicate your intentions.

Costumes are essential
If your throwing a fancy dress party, rather than just letting everybody show up in what they want to wear, instead tell them what to wear. For instance, if your sticking with the supernatural theme (it is Halloween after all) then why not have half your guests show-up as Vampires and the others dress as 18th Century Vampire Hunters. That way, you have two pre-made teams that you can use to pit against each other in a series of Party games or competitions. Vampires not your bag? Try Zombies and Werewolves or Psycho-killers and College Kids. Just go browse the Horror section of your local DVD store for more possible team combinations. Doesn't that sound much more fun than just leaving Halloween costumes to chance? I thought you would agree with me.

Decorate Halloween style
Make sure that when you decorate your house or apartment that you convey the feeling of your chosen theme, too. So, if it's the supernatural, make sure there are cobwebs everywhere, bats and tombstones, rent a fog-machine and pickup some spooky themed music from the local Halloween store.

Overall, just remember that everybody who shows up will have one thing in mind: they will want to have fun and it's your job to make sure they do.

Have a happy Halloween.