In today's economy footing the entire bill for a nice dinner party or a fun get together, is pretty much outside of a tight budget. So how do you enjoy your friends without breaking the bank? Throw a potluck dinner party. Enjoy good food and great friends without going broke.






Write out your guest list. Make sure you have enough room for everyone you are planning to invite. The more the merrier can be fun, but being cramped around a table like a can of sardines isn't merry, it's uncomfortable. Being unable to move just isn't fun so keep your space limitations in mind.

Pick a dinner party theme to include the food, wine and decorations. You can choose party themes such as Mexican, Italian, Luau or even based on an upcoming holiday.

Personally invite your potluck dinner party guests. Call them on the phone or stop by their house. If they say yes, let them know the party theme and ask them to bring an appetizer, salad, dessert, drink ingredients or they really don't cook well ask them to bring party decorations. You will be making the main course.

The day of your potluck dinner party, set your table or set up a buffet table or make room for the food and drinks on your kitchen countertops or if the weather is nice set it up outside. Make sure you have enough room for all of the food that will be coming. If you are having a casual buffet style dinner party set out a stack of plates, glasses, napkins, forks, knives and spoons.

Set up an area for drinks with cups, ice bucket, tongs and beverages. be ready for your party guests to arrive.

As soon as your guests arrive, introduce your guests to each other. Take their dish and ask if it needs to be heated or stored in the refrigerator.

Eat, drink and have great conversations and good fun.

Have "to go" containers ready for those who want to take home a doggie bag. Always ask the person who brought that course of the potluck dinner permission to give some of the food away. Make sure you ask away from your other guests to avoid embarrassment just in case they don't want you to give away their food.

Keep a list of what bowl or container your guest brought so you will be able to wash and return them.