Backlinks are chain that link your site to the internet audience

A backlink is like a chain

How To Know Your Site Backlinks

Backlinks are essential in driving traffic to your blog

Traffic is no doubt the key to making huge money online from your site or blog. The more traffic your site receives in a day, the more money you earn from it, it is just as simple as that, and in achieving this, you need to have good backlinks and also know your backlinks.

Most times, getting people to visit your site might be as difficult as convincing people to patronize your new product in real life, which is not how it should be in the first place. My own personal research has made me to understand that one of the secured ways of getting traffic to a site or blog is through backlinking to other reputable relevant sites. The simplest ways to achieve this is to visit other similar sites, and forums that discuss topics related to your site, etc, etc, and then commenting relevantly on those other blogs or forums, adding a link to your own site or blog. But before you do this, read the site or forum’s rules, so you don’t end up being a nuisance on the forum.

Haven made that known, you also need to discover how many sites, blogs or whatever that is linking to your site. Maybe you don’t know, some sites that find your site or blog interesting, do usually link theirs to yours, and such backlinkings are very vital in bringing organic traffic to your site. Now, how do you know the sites that are linking to your own site? To achieve this, carefully, follow the steps I outlined below and you would be amazed at the number of sites linking to your site.

Steps to Tracking Your Site Backlinks

Step1. Log on to Google search engine (I recommend Google because it seems to be the most popular search engine in the world today).
After it has opened to display a search bar, proceed to step 2.

Step2. Enter this: links: into the search bar. Note: do not include the ‘http://’ that comes before your blog name, when doing this. Check below for an example on how I would track the backlinks to my site with a url address that goes like this:
Haven entered correctly the address into the Google search bar as shown above, proceed to step3.

Step3. Click on the search button beside the search bar to see your results, which may look like this:

Remember, your mission is not yet complete. Now, the next thing you should do is to click on the links one after the other to take a look at the various contents for the good of your site. For instance, if a site with adult content or gambling is linking to your site, it may result to poor Google search engine ranking for your site, so what do you do? Open the link in a new browser tab, and then send a personal message to the owner or moderator of the site or sites through their ‘contact us’ button on the site, and request that they remove or delete your site from their links. On the contrary, if it is a site that is very reputable, write them and ask if they would welcome more links from your other sites. Sometimes, it is not always easy for them to accept, therefore, to achieve this; you will need to offer them something in return, so I would suggest that you offer to add their own site to your links too. This will surely help your sites to get more traffic because people visiting those other reputable sites linking to your site, will most often click on your own site to check on the content. This simple technique has helped me to drive more traffic to my hubpages write-ups. Remember again that you can do same for sites and blogs that are competing with your own site, as a way of discovering their strength for a better competition. I would also suggest that you add some of the top sites linking to your site’s competitor; it also helps because the owner of the site might discover that you are linking to his, and also link to yours. Good luck!