Bird dogs are important if you are interested in bird hunting. They will accompany you during your hunt and may lead to your success. Choosing the right breed of dog is important, of course, but what's more important is the level of training the dog receives. Some people prefer to hire professionals to train their dogs but this cost money. The dog might also end up only obeying the trainer and not the owner. A cheap alternative is to train the dog yourself but it requires time and effort.

This quick guide will go over the basics on how to train bird dogs:

1. First, spend some quality time with your dog. Get used to each other and develop a good and loving relationship with your dog. Free up some time for training your dog; it cannot be done overnight. With enough time spent on training, the dog will eventually develop the skills for hunting.

2. Let your dog get used to the outdoors. Let it roam around in an open surrounding with close supervision. Bring your dog to different environments so that it can get used to various terrains. You can also let your dog accompany you when you are practicing with your gun so that the dog can get used to the sounds of gunfire.

3. Obedience training is important as it is the foundation of the training process. A dog should be trained to do basic commands such as sit, come, stay and stop. The dog should master these first so that other training can proceed smoothly.

4. Learn distance training. Sometimes when the dog is far away from you, it cannot hear you. You may have to perform certain actions for the dog to follow. You can also use sound whistles. This can prove to be beneficial once you start hunting.

5. Hunting dogs need to learn how to retrieve birds. This command is usually taught when the dog was just a puppy. The dog needs to retrieve the certain item and bring it back to you.

6. Dogs respond best to positive reinforcement and learn this way. When the dog has performed well or obeyed your command, reward it with a treat.

Training a bird dog takes time, patience and effort. However, all the hard work will pay off when you realize that your dog is performing well in bird hunting. You will earn a faithful companion to assist you in hunting.