Sharing Your Photos

If you need to transfer photos to iPod Touch from iMac so that you can take your favorites with you and share them on the go, the process to get it done is very simple. You have a few different options to choose from.

Once you have your pictures on your iPod Touch it is easy to view them, email them to someone, or use them on your device as wallpaper or as a custom graphic for one of your contacts.

How To Move Pictures

Use iTunes to get Picture From Your Hard Drive

One fairly simple option for getting pictures from your iMac to iPod is to use iTunes. To do this you simply load your pictures from your iMac to iTunes and then connect your iPod Touch.The iPod Touch will show up as a device. Click that and a series of tabs will appear on the screen. Select the Photos tab. Now you can select "Sync Photos From", then "Choose folder", and select a folder or album from your iMac to sync to the iPod. Note that you will sync an album, not individual photographs here. That means you may need to set that up beforehand if there are pictures in a folder that you don't want to add to your iPod. Once you have selected the folder simply hit the Sync button.

Use iTunes to get Pictures From iPhoto

Using iPhoto is very similar to the process for getting pictures from your computer's hard drive, but you will select iPhoto in the dropdown when preparing to sync. That is the only real difference. From there, you will select an album and sync. The advantage to using iPhoto is that you can organize your photos there first and you can create an album that is exactly what you want to import under a custom album name to make the sync from iMac to iPod Touch very easy. iPhoto can also search by dates or by people using the facial recognition technology that is included in the app.

Use an Application

Yes, there is an app that will help you to move pictures directly from your iMac to your iPod Touch without using iTunes or a cable. That's right, it's wireless. This may be the easiest way to get pictures on your portable device. With an application like PhotoSync, you can simply drag a picture to an icon on the dock and they will transfer, wirelessly, to the iPod immediately. One of the best things about this process is that the full quality of your images is maintained, where iTunes will optimize your pics and reduce the quality.

Take Pictures With You on iPod Touch

You can always print photos from your iMac to share them, but it's not difficult to transfer pictures from your iMac to your iPod Touch as well. There is no reason to be without your favorite pictures wherever you go.

Whether you choose to use iTunes to get pictures from your iMac, use iPhoto and its advanced features, or another third-party application like the wireless sync, you can transfer photos from iPod Touch to iMac easily.