Becoming a vegetarian can seem like the same as getting some one hooked on drugs to stop doing drugs.

We grew up in a society where we seemingly eat meat at every meal. We crave meat when we are hungry. We like to add bacon to everything including bacon flavored milk shakes. How crazy is it that in our modern society bacon flavored milk shakes are popular?

Bacon MilkshakeCredit: Flickr/Watty rugby

Once you've been a vegetarian for an extended period of time then you'll no longer crave the meat. You also find many soy products that duplicate the taste of meat but without the dangers of eating meat.

The best way to change your eating habits for people who are new to vegetarian eating is not to immediately quit eating meat. Do not rush into it cold turkey. Many people decide to become vegetarians and immediately give up eating all meat. Within a few weeks of eating no meat people cannot stand being without meat and go back to eating the unhealthy diet that they were eating before. Instead of quitting meat cold turkey it’s better to ease into a vegetarian diet.

Veggie Bean Tempeh Lettuce WrapCredit: Flickr/Stacy Spensley

Start by taking one night a week where you try out a new vegetarian recipe that looks good to you. If you like eating it then add it to your repertoire and then each week try out new recipes.

Once you build up a list of vegetarian recipes that you know you like and you find fulfilling then it is easier to expand eating vegetarian to 2 or 3 times a week. Keep repeating this process and eventually you'll be eating vegetarian meals 7 days a week and you will not have the desire for eating meat.

When you eat a vegetarian diet you can greatly increase your overall health and live to an older age. It is not very hard to do once you get used to it and is actually very enjoyable. One of the coolest things about eating vegetarian is that you also drastically reduce your own personal carbon footprint and can do your own part to help preserve the earth for our future generations.