Frustratingly painful and awkward is the best way to describe the feeling from a pinched nerve in your lower back. It is a common condition and is the result of the way your nerves sit in your lower back they can move over time from Ing or simply the muscles stretch. The nerve gets caught and causes excruciating pain as well as awkwardness because it restricts movement. The most common cause of a pinched nerve lower back is hernoated disc putting pressure on the spinal nerve root. The reason this can be painful and awkward is because this nerve root carries the neurological impulses from every part of your lower body. This can lead to an inability to walk or move at all. Theres is no instant cure but there are a few things you can do to treat a pinched nerve in your lower back. These are not just purely factual as i suffered from a pinched nerve in my lower back for many years through my late teens. It was terribly painful especially the muscle burning sensation that occurs sometimes and more often than not it would happen when i was driving and i had to pull over and lie back until the pinched nerve would calm down. One of the things i found helped was a warm pack or the lower back. If i had a painful day with my lower back one of the things i use to do was warm up a pack and put that on my lower back when in bed. For one it was soothing but it helped me sleep a lot better. Before i did this i would struggle to find a comfortable position as my back was so sore and lead to unproductive following days. If i used a heat pack on my back i use to wake up the next day with my back feeling so good and relaxed which is what i am sure most of you are after when reading this article. Another way i treated my back when the nerve pain and tingling set in was to do a few different things. If you are sitting and can find a way to get to a lying down position. Lying flat on your back usually helped me i think because once the pain stopped the nerve would stop being pressured because my body relaxed. In summary a pinched nerve lower back can be terribly painful. I dealt with it for years and years and the one thing that kept me going was knowing that the body heals itself and you should know this is the case with pinched nerves. As long as you do not inflame the problem by straining your back or doing any kind of rigorous training or sport it will give your body the opportunity to heal itself. All of the treatments in this article have worked for me but you should know that not all cases are the same so consult a professional or a second opinion on your case so that you can get the best possible outcome for your condition. In the past some cases of a pinched nerve have healed themselves in less than a few weeks so trust your body is healthy and ensure that you are taking adequate vitamins and minerals to get your body in the best condition to recover.