Chapped lips can be a very annoying and painful experience to have. In this article you will find out how to treat your cracked lips.

Chapped lips are a very common issue when the weather is cold but it can be a problem in any part of the year, I should know.

Fortunately, chapped lips are not that difficult to treat. It will require some discipline on your part and a bit of habit creating, but otherwise it's very easy and there are a lot of products than can be used for treating chapped lips.

There are some benefits to having smooth and soft lips such as; less pain and more comfort and more desirable lips for a romantic partner.

If you already have chapped lips, here's what you can do:

· Take a cloth or towel, soak it in very hot water for a while so that it gets wet and warm. Then just gently put it against your lips. This will cause the loose skin to soon fall off. If you want you can try to very gently moving the cloth around on your lips, almost like if you are scrubbing your lips with very little pressure. Try to gently move the cloth around in circular motions, it usually works the best. The reason why we want to be so careful is because your lips are already broken and they can be very sensitive, if you're not gentle then it can damage your lips even more.

· Once you have done this and all the loose skin has fallen off, your lips should look and feel much better. Now it's time to apply some Vaseline and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. After the time has passed, apply some lip balm onto your lips.

· Stop licking your lips. It may seem counterintuitive but it only makes the lips drier.

· Stop touching your lips with your fingers.

Here is how you maintain smooth and soft lips:

· Apply lip balm right before you go to bed. This is a great way of keeping your lips in a good condition; the lip balm will stay on your lips for a long duration while you are asleep.

· Carry some lip balm with you at all times and apply regularly or whenever you feel that your lips are starting to get dry.

· Again, stop licking your lips.

· Again, stop touching your lips with your fingers.

· Remember that chapped lips are a more common problem in the winter, so take extra care of your lips.

· Don't smoke cigarettes. Smoking dries up the skin around your mouth.

· Drink plenty of water. This prevents dehydration.

Take care of those lips of yours.