Most of the people suffering from hemorrhoids don't even know that they have them. Not all of them cause rectal bleeding or very sharp pain during bowel movements and that is why they are oftenly left unnoticed. There is no reason to keep looking for them since they can come and go and it is completely natural. Only when hemorrhoids start to have an effect on your daily life you should start to take notice on your diet and other aspects of life that might be causing you to have hemorrhoids.

It is not uncommon to be asking how to treat hemorrhoids since they are so oftenly found in people of all ages. Although they do increase in the elderly but this kind of problems should be discussed with a doctor. Here I will go through on basic tips and tricks that will help you avoid hemorrhoids completely and to treat them if you have them.

The biggest reason for having hemorrhoids is constipation. This can be avoided with two different methods that are exercise and nutrition. Seems that every health problem can be cured or treated and avoided with these two. By exercising regularily your bowel movements will be more frequent since your parasymphatic nervous will be more active. By having a lot of fiber in your diet will cause our stool to have more water in it and make it softer. These two combined will keep you free from hemorrhoids.

When you already have hemorrhoids there are two ways to deal with them. Either just wait them out since they will eventually disappear. If you have the two treatments in order this is an okay way to go. But if you don't exercise or have a bad diet you should use the necessary creams and suppositories to treat hemorrhoids.