One of the most commented-on & popular posts on my blog was about my successful treatment of sebaceous cysts. In fact, just this morning I've been in contact with a guy from India seeking treatment for his cysts in somewhere unmentionable! So I thought I'd share my experience of treating this very common and rather distressing condition with you.

What are they? Their name is a bit of a misnomer, they are more properly called epidermal cysts (if on the skin) or pilar cysts (if surrounding a hair follicle). A 'cyst' is just a closed what I'm taking about here is benign lumps that form on the skin. They are usually painless, firm & can sometimes discharge a thick cheesy substance.

How common are they? Very! They're most likely to affect people in their 20s & 30s, with most of us suffering from them at some point in our life.

What is the conventional treatment? There is no effective treatment offered by conventional medicine for sebaceous cysts. Your doctor will probably tell you they are harmless...but having an unsightly lump on your skin, especially on the face, can be very distressing. If pushed, a doctor may offer surgical treatment. However this often causes scarring & is less than ideal.

Sometimes the cysts are gradually reabsorbed back into the body, and sometimes people suffer with them for many years.

What can homeopathy do? There are many remedies that may help with cysts, however I have found that a combination of four remedies taken together is very effective. These are: Hepar Sulph, Gunpowder, Myristica Seb & Silica. Contact any homeopathic pharmacy and they will be able to make up pills for you containing these remedies. Ask for '6X' potency, and about 100 doses. In the UK this will cost around £5.

How to take them: Simply take 1 pill three times a day. You should see a change within a week & the cyst(s) should be gone within a month.

What to expect: The cysts MAY become very red & inflamed & angry looking when you take the remedies...this is a very good thing, for it suggests your body is getting ready to discharge the morbid material, returning your skin to the way it was before with no scarring and the minimum of discomfort.

What If I get recurring cysts? In this case, these remedies will probably help as each crop of cysts appear, but they won't address the underlying will need treatment from a homeopath to deal with that.