Acne treatment methods that work

Get rid of your acne right now

Who would not want to have beautiful skin? There are a number of people in the world who are suffering from acne and have tried various skin care products just so to have that clear beautiful skin. I have some tips that helped a lot of people suffering from that dreadful acne. Read on, know the tips on treating acne, and get that clear beautiful skin.

Using Water

The best thing about using water is it is an almost free treatment for acne. With water, all you have to do is simply: drink it. Water cleanses the body by getting rid of toxins and oil. As it keeps the pores in the skin from clogging, it also helps moisten the skin. Stress is one of the things that should be avoided to have a healthy skin and note that stress is relieved by having enough sleep and water. Other things that should be avoided are sodas, teas, coffees and alcohols.  Remember that these are partial diuretics thus making the cells of your body drive more water out. So, do not forget to drink a lot of water everyday. If eight glasses of water is good, why not drink more than that? Drinking ten glasses or twelve glasses of water per day is much better than just eight.

Hot and very cold water should not be used on the areas of the skin affected by acne. To remove oil, dirt and make up, it is better to use warm water. This is also to open the pores. Cool water can be used after cleaning the affected area for this helps shrink, only not too narrow, the pores and helps stimulate circulation.

Minimize Using Astringents

Astringents shrink skin pores. Is this really good for the skin suffering from acne? No. As much as possible, clogged pores should be avoided so the oil from the skin will not be stuck in the pores. If skin pores are shrunk, then more oils are clogged in the skin pores then causing the start of acne. If your target is to have clear and beautiful skin, in that case, you should avoid astringent agents or any astringent natural soap, rubbing alcohol and even very cold water for with the use of these, your skin pores will shrink in a number of applications.

Reduce Intake Of Stimulants

Stimulants such as tea, cigarettes, coffee, sodas, as well as any food with excessive sugar should be avoided for when taken can stimulate the release of more oil by the sebaceous gland, the gland in the dermis of the skin that produces sebum; a secretion consists of keratin, cellular materials and fat. This secretion lubricates hair and skin but remember that to help reduce acne, your pores must not be clogged by dirt and oil therefore you should not stimulate your body to produce excessive oil.

Proper Diet

Diet affects acne so you should be very careful with what you eat. Fats help produce more oil in the body. For this reason, to avoid making your body secrete unnecessary oil, you should eat foods that are low in fat. Less fatty food means lesser unnecessary oil produced by the body thus lesser chance of clogging your skin pores with oil. Eat healthy to avoid worsening your acne.

Reduce Intake Of Alcohol

Alcohol inhibits sleep causing more stress and fatigue. Always remember that sleep is vital in achieving healthy skin. When stressed, never turn to alcohol to relieve stress and as a way to unwind and relax. Alcohol is an astringent therefore shrinks skin pores thus making them more prone to clogging which causes the formation of acne.