I will be writing this tutorial to try and ease your pain and struggles if your iPhone or iPod Touch just crashes on you. It's has happened to me several times, and only once I lost all my data but my iPhone was back up in running in a matter of minutes.

Things You Will Need

An iPhone or iPod Touch any gen that is being mean

Step 1

This may sound stupid but try turning on your device right now. This has worked for me even wait 10 minutes after your device has crashed on you and try turning it on again. I'm not a certified Apple Technician but I suspect this could be due to overheating or several other things.

Step 2

Try to remember if your battery could have died (hey it happens to all of us). Did I forget to charge my device last night? Did I leave a GPS application running in the background? If you are 100% sure it doesn't just need a good old power boost then continue.

Step 3

*From this point on if you solve your problem and you start your device right away back-up and do a full restore in iTunes.
Plug it into your computer, this has solved many of my crashes and my device boots up with a full charge. Still have not figured out why it boots only when I plug it into my computer but it does.

Step 4

If that doesn't work try holding both the sleep/power button and the home buttonsimultaneously until the apple logo appears then let go. If this works do a full restore in iTunes to prevent future crashes.

Step 5

If your iPhone boots up and crashes before you get to the lock-screen I recommend charging for a while then trying to enter recovery mode or dfu mode and perform a restore. To do this follow this guide here.
*You will lose your data.

Step 6

If all else fails give it a good smack in the palm of your hand (I am not responsible for you dropping or breaking performing this maneuver, but in case of an accident I have a guide on fixing your iPhone or iPod Touch digitizer or LCD in case you cracked it) ,and now try and restart it.

If none of these things help I recommend your consult an Apple Technician.

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