Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us tend to park our cars, and our junk in our garage, often in a rather disorderly way. The mere idea of even attempting to tackle that messy array of old sports gear, tools, toys, and who even knows what, is about as frightening as a week alone with your mother-in-law. But overcoming your garage-cleaning anxieties is possible. It's a tough, spiritual journey, but there is a way; all you need is the will and some new ideas you can put into practice.

1) Throw out/give away Anything you haven't used in the last six months, with the exception of seasonal items and items of sentimental value, should either be thrown away, sold at a garage sale or given to good will. It is the first and foremost step and you'll be surprised at how much space you free up by getting rid of unnecessary crap.

2) Plywood Shelves You can easily create shelves by using the rafters above your head and placing scrap plywood planks between them. You can use this space to store skis, winter equipment, camping gear, lumber etc

3) Aluminum Shelves Get some cheap aluminum shelves to put against the wall and store gas cans, auto supplies etc Easy to clean, and makes the garage look nice and neat.

4) Hook it up You can install threaded hooks in the rafters to hang bicycles, garden tools and what not. Try and hang them towards the back to avoid knocking your head.

5) Make use of your garage! If you have the space, why not turn part of your garage into your very own workshop; your creative sanctuary?

In the summer months, you can even pimp your garage by hooking up some speakers, adding some lawn chairs and getting a screen unit to cover the door opening to keep the bugs out.

The possibilities for your garage are only limited to your imagination; but if you still find that these tips just won't cut it and you simply have too much stuff, than perhaps your next alternative should be to look into self storage services such as Ottawa storage.