A customer is simply someone who pays for goods and services. If we are going to be real, all of us are and will continue to be customers for others while on the other hand most of us are looking for customers.

The implication is that nearly all of us are marketing something. Marketing is a way of life, for on it hinges the very survival of humanity. The more customers we are able to market, the more prosperous we become. We are all in people business. Social Marketing Websites are growing because of the network of people on them.

It becomes important then, to know how to properly target marketers for the various products we have. I will be approaching this topic from another perspective however. Who is a customer? What is he looking for? What exactly does he want? Why do clients buy products? I am going to outline ten things about a potential customer. When you understand who a customer is and the yearning of his heart, you will know the strategies you need to target him properly.

1. Customers are thinking about their problems, not your products.

This is very important. Plan on how to solve the problems of your customers and you will have them coming for your products in droves. Infobarrel have their customers in mind. They provided a product whereby people can do what they love doing and at the same time earn some good cash.

2. Customers are looking for results and not just promises.

In targeting your customers, resolve to give then exactly what will make them happy. That is the way to target customers because happy customers will spread the word about your product.

3. Customers buy because they want more of what they already have

You need to understand that customers are loyal. Once they have a satisfactory and consistent product, they will be religious about that product. They will keep on ordering it because in their mind, the product is the best. This is why a lot of people go into branding. My blog for example is a brand for singles and married because of the product we offer.

4. Customers buy for their own reasons alone.

Customers buy because of their own reasons, not yours. No matter how convincing you are or your product is, the most important thing is to give your customer a reason why he should go for your product.

5. Customers buy when the perceived value of the product is high.

The higher the perceived value of the product, the more customers you will get.