OK put your hands up if you have ever lost a set of keys, well i think i need to put both my hands up for that one. I think we are all guilty at one stage of loosing keys, and desperately trying to back track in our minds to where you were last. This article will focus on one particular set of keys that people may loose at one time or another, The filing cabinet keys!. How frustrating it can be knowing you cannot get at your important files and documents because there's one thing in your way (the lock). Lucky for you the locking system on a metal filing cabinet isn't all the complicated, if you have the appropriate tools for the job, then there's no need to commit suicide and jump off the nearest bridge. It can be done with ease.

Now if you can't find one of these high tech tools then there is something wrong with ya..it is called a Paper Clip a lock smiths most prized possession. Sorry folks just adding a little drama and excitement to the story, yeah so that's all ya need a simple and basic paper clip. Well you will actually need two of them for this high risk procedure to work. Bend the paper clips so as to straighten them out length wise and create a little hook at the end of each one.

OK very carefully slide the hook end of the paper clip onto the very top of the lock. Most common metal filing cabinets have four standard locking pins. One of them being at the top of the lock, and one at the bottom , now apply reasonable pressure to the top pin until you feel the pin pop into it's open position. If this doesn't work than most likely the lock is double sided in this case you will need to pull out yet anther wepon form your tool bag , the good old ball pick!.This instrument will be required to move both paper clips simultaneously. Insert the ball pick into the lock gently turn it side to side until you feel the pins snap or pop, then move down to the lowest pin you can either use the ball pick or the paper clip to pop that pin.

Simply repeat the process with the remaining pins until you feel those pins pop, then once all of the pins are turned into the open position than you have successfully and finally opened your metal filing cabinet. Don't be too discouraged if the word gets out about how to unlock a metal filing cabinet as there are many different types of locks and it is more than easy to change the lock on your existing cabinet if you so choose to.