The Pantech Matrix Mobile Phone:

Pantech Matrix is a phone that is made for the mobile phone carrier, AT&T Wireless.

There's no doubt, Pantech Matrix is a cool cell phone. You have the full keyboard that slides down along with the number keys that slide down in the front. A two-way slidder, what's not to love?

If you've bought your phone on ebay or from another third party you might find yourself having so much frustration that love quickly turns to hate.

No worries, I can have you in love with your phone again in no time.


Things That You Will Need:

SIM card from AT&T

Pantech Matrix Cell Phone

My Instructions


Step 1

You will need to call AT&T and speak with customer service in order to get the unique code that will unlock your phone. The customer care associate will require the IMEI number that is assigned to your phone.

To find this code, remove the cover plate from the back of your AT&T Pantech Matrix phone.

Take out the mobile phone battery. Behind the battery you will see an IMEI number. This will give the customer service associate all the information that they need to get you your code that will unlock your mobile phone.

To save time, have this information in front of you when you call.

They may attempt to walk you through a series of steps to unlock you mobile phone.

My suggestion is to get the code and run or else you'll be on the phone with the good folks at AT&T Wireless for a large portion of your day.


Step 2

Now that you have the code to unlock your mobile phone, insert an At&T (or Cingular Wireless) SIM card into your phone. It's not a big deal if you aren't a customer of AT&T or Cingular wireless. Find a friend who uses AT&T and borrows theirs for a minute.

The SIMS card doesn't even have to be an active one. As long as it is from AT&T you are in business.


Step 3

Replace the cell phone battery and power on your Pantech Matrix mobile phone.

The normal screen comes up.

Type in the following code using the number pad: *#865625# 

A screen identical to the photo in the next step will come up.
Click OK.

Step 4

Enter the 8 digit unlock code given to you by the AT&T representative. 

Click OK.

Step 5

Re-enter the same code and click OK once again.


Step 6

The message displayed will now say, "Unlock Process Complete."

You now are the proud owner of a full unlocked Pantech Matrix phone that can be used with any other carrier.


Step 7

Remove the back plate and battery one more time.

Replace the AT&T SIM card with the card given to you by the cell phone service provider that you are using.

Replace the battery and the back cover plate.

Power your phone on and you're ready to make your first call!


Things To Remember:

Don't trust online sites who offer codes that will unlock your phone. This could be disastrous.


Make sure when entering the 8 digit code provided to you by AT&T Wireless that you enter it correctly. Entering the code incorrectly three times will prove to be a big mistake by causing the phone to permanently lock, making your mobile phone useless and unlockable.


If this happens, the best mobile phone technician can't help you.