After living in the same home for a number of years it is common for individuals to give rooms or their entire home a makeover.  Unfortunately, such makeovers can be incredibly costly, and in the current economic climate many people cannot afford them.  Despite this, there are many options available to update one’s home that are both affordable and save money in the long run.


A simple and inexpensive way to change the entire dynamic and feel of a room is through a fresh paint job and installation of custom window shutters.  Through a variety of shutter options one can create a multitude of looks within a home.  Wood shutters provide windows with a classic and elegant look that pairs excellently with many home styles.  Shabby chic, modern, rustic, there are few looks that clash with wood shutters, especially given the variety of color options available.  Wood shutters also drastically improve the energy efficiency of one’s home, as they provide nearly double the insulation of a plain glass window.  When implemented in every home of one’s house, wood shutters can reduce energy bills by up to thirty percent, savings which will very quickly cover the shutters’ cost.


Modern new styles of vertical shades can provide amazing new styles in homes with large picture windows.  Aluminum options provide a sleek and modern look, while turning the traditional perception of a vertical shade on end.  Vinyl varieties give vast color options that help add extra pop to rooms with strong color schemes.  Wooden vertical shades provide a warm comfort and clean lines to break up the monotony of typical walls in rectangular or square rooms.  Fabric vanes are available in a variety of translucencies from sun-blocking, pitch-black, perfect for sleeping in to vanes that simply diffuse the sun and let natural light brighten the room.


Plantation shutters are a broader, thicker shutter available in a variety of styles.  They can be used over any window or in special folding designs over French doors.  Plantation shutters allow one to simultaneously control how much light and air they let into a room.  Through diminishing the amount of sunlight and increasing the airflow, plantation shutters provide a natural way to cool the home in the summer.  In the winter large amounts of light can be let in, while retaining the insulating properties the shutters provide.  This leads to year round savings in one’s energy bill. 


Individuals can make both window shutters and plantation shutters even more energy efficient by choosing options made from Louverwood Poly.  Louverwood Poly provides insulation three times greater than that of wood, and still comes with all available color and customization options.  Due to being made from synthetic polymers, Louverwood Poly doesn’t yellow or crack like traditional wood and doesn’t warp.


Replacing old and beat up plastic blinds with any of the fresh, durable, and energy saving shutters or shades above will instantly update the look of any home.  Combining it with a fresh coat of paint creates an ambience that appears far more expensive than the actual cost.  If the time is taken to match the two to one’s existing furniture, an entire home can seem professionally styled, and, with the money saved in energy costs, one can hardly afford not to.