Are you looking for information about how to upgrade computer memory successfully? In this "How To" guide, you will learn how to safely install your memory into your computer and it is not very hard to do at all.

Why Do We Need To Install Memory Into Our Computer?

When we first buy our new computer, it is very fast when opening applications such as email or your internet browser. But over time we can end up using a lot of memory due to downloading new software and it can make our computer very slow especially when we open more that one application at the same time.

As mentioned above you do not need to be a computer professional to upgrade computer memory and it also does not take too much of your time as well. This type of upgrade is usually called a DIY ( Do It Yourself ) , but if you get into any trouble, just read this guide step by step or contact your local computer technician for assistance.

Things You Will Need

You will need a few tools to help you successfully upgrade computer memory in your pc such as:

1. Screw Driver
2. RAM
3. Anti Static Wrist Band

Step 1

Upgrade Computer Memory (36582) Firstly find out what kind of memory your computer can take. This can be done by looking in your computer's manual or going to the computer manufacturer's website to find out more information. There are 3 main types of RAM that you can buy today such as:

2. DDR

You cannot use different types of RAM in your computer , so make sure that you use the right one before installing any new memory into your computer.

Step 2

The next step is to shutdown your computer and unplug all the cords from your computer. You can then remove the screws at the back of the casing using your screwdriver, making sure to keep the screws in a safe place. You may also want to wear a anti static wrist band to prevent damage to your hardware, if you do not have one, just touch anywhere around the casing of your pc.

Step 3

Installing Computer Memory (36581) Once you have opened up your computer, you will next need to do is locate where the memory is located, it is fairly easy to find and will have clips on either side holding your memory into place.

To install your RAM, pull down the white clips and gently put in your memory into the slots, once you hear a click it means that it has been inserted correctly. You can then push the clips up to lock the clips into the RAM. Once you have done that , you have successfully installed your new memory into your pc.

Step 4

Your next step is to plug you computer and turn it on to see of your pc can register the new installed RAM. In some cases you may get a message stating that new memory was installed if you didn't get any message, here are the steps to check it manually.

1. Right click on my computer and click on properties
2. A screen should pop up and let you know how much RAM is installed in your computer
3. If it is still the same, make sure that your RAM are inserted properly and that the white clips are properly in place.

Step 5

Once your memory has been installed correctly, you can then start to close the casing and enjoy your fast computer.

As you can see it is very easy to upgrade computer memory to your pc. Doing it for the first time can sometimes be daunting, but once you learn how to do it correctly, it is very easy to do.

Tips & Warnings

When installing your memory make sure that you do not force it in the slot or you could damage your RAM and even your computer as well, so be very gentle.