First, WHY should a teenager use a calender or agenda?

Well, an agenda is your pathway to success. It enables you, the student, to prioritize. You'll have lower stress, because you have more control. You will definitely find that an agenda frees up time, rather than stealing it. You'll be keeping fewer deadlines in your head (e.g. "math test on Wednesday") and more dates in your agenda. And let's face it, your memory isn't as reliable as writing. Lastly, Mom and Dad will be proud.

"But I don't like to plan things. I just want to live in the moment!"
That's great! Really. Living in the moment is a fantastic mindset. However, you CAN still live in the moment while planning ahead. It's called "beginning with the end in mind". If you do that, you've got the hang of it.

Only Adults keep an Agneda

Wrong. Successful teenangers and college students usually keep a daytimer, schedule, agenda, calander, or whatever other planning system. As stated above, a well-used agenda can be your pathway to success. Keep reading to learn how to use it properly.

Is Keeping an Agenda a lot of Work?
No. Once it becomes a habit, keeping an agenda is just like brushing your teeth. Initially, keeping an agenda will take a conscious effort. It will be tough. After that obstacle, you're set. So stick with it! It will mean less work once you have a routine going.

OK, I'm real excited for this! How do I start?

Step one is to get ahold of a quality calander or agenda. So go out shopping and buy one. Buy one under $20 - no need to get too fancy here. There are many different styles, so use your judgement and find one that has adequte writing space. If you have a lot of appointments, don't get a small one! Also, consider how portable the agenda is. If you're on the run lots, perhaps consider a smaller planner that could even fit in your pocket. Basically what I'm saying is, find a planner that suits your unique needs.

What stores do I shop at?

You really can't go wrong with Walmart or Target. There's also book stores, such as Borders. If you live near London Drugs, Staples, or any other office supply store, it's worth browsing. If you want to buy one online, look at Amazon. You could find a better price online than at stores.

OK - I bought an agenda / planner / calander. How should I use it?

Whenever a due date, test date, appointment, meeting, etc. arises, write it in. Then, make sure that you check your agenda often for upcoming deadlines. Based on your deadlines, plan your time accordingly.

If you want, you can assign blocks of time for a specific task. For example, if you have a math test on Friday, perhaps schedule one hour each night leading up to the test. So for Thursday night, schedule in from 7:00-8:00 "Study for Math Test". But make sure you fulfill these promises to yourself. Remember, if you're not doing the actions you scheduled, then your agenda is useless.

This is tough! I want to quit.

Commit for 3 weeks - the length it takes to make a habit. If you still like your old ways, revert back. But I bet that you will love using an agenda.

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