The New Music App

With a new interface, users may be confused with the Redesigned Music App upon first glance.

With last Tuesday's release of iOS 8.4, Apple has introduced a music streaming service to rival competitors. With a free 3-month trial being offered, many people will jump at the opportunity without knowing what this new service has to offer.

After the simple set-up process, you are dumped into a completely redesigned Music app. On the navigation bar, where you once saw the Music, Artists, Albums, Radio, and Playlist options; you now see For You, New, Radio, Connect, and My Music.

Most people may have no clue what each new tab is;

•In the For You tab, Apple recommends playlists and albums that you might enjoy based on what you selected during the set-up process. Over time, as you like and listen to artists, this tab will become more catered to your taste in music.

•The New tab features music selected by Apple Music Experts that "is worth listening to." Exploring the options here may introduce you to a new favorite album or artist. In this tab, there are also playlists made by music industry leaders such as RollingStones and Mojo. Featured playlists also include those made for special occasions such as working out or breaking up. 

•The Radio tab seems almost untouched except for the addition of Beats 1. The new addition is a worldwide 24/7 radio station hosted by live DJ's in London, New York City, and Los Angeles. Other than Beats 1, your old radio stations still work like they used to.

Connect is like Twitter or Instagram for your favorite music artists. Here you can follow artists you love. Artists can post pictures, videos, or news updates for their fans to see. As a fan, you have the option to comment, love (like), or share the post. 

My Music houses all of the music stored in your Library. In this tab, you will find music sorted by Artist, Album, Song or Genre, as well as all of your Playlists. 

Now that you know what is found under each tab, the best way to learn your new music app is to experiment. The best part of it is, as long as you are enrolled in the 3 month free-trial, you will not be charged for anything. As you experiment with the app, you will be able to master the music at your fingertips.