Many describe Argan oil as “liquid gold”, but many are asking how to use Argan oil for hair benefits. Research and studies show that Argan oil provides outstanding results for medicinal and cosmetic aliments. In addition it has outstanding hair, skin and health benefits when used regularly. This "liquid gold" was a product essential to the Moroccan women's beauty regimen. With proven results Western women are asking how to use Argan oil for hair and skin care.

Argan oil is also called Moroccan oil, comes from the Argan tree which is native to Morocco. Oil production comes from the fruit kernels produced by the tree. From the early 1500’s, the Moroccans have used this product for personal care. In fact, ancient Moroccan tribes used Argan oil for scalp massage to get healthy tresses. The oil has a rich content of unsaturated fatty acids and Omega 9, which aids to promote hair strength and shine. Argan oil is expensive  due to its limited supply but many are still eager to know how to use Argan oil for hair remedies.

Here are some tips on how to use Argan oil for hair benefits. For people with dry hair, apply it to damp hair and let it dry naturally. This will hydrate and nourish the hair and de-tangle it while still wet. It also has a moisturizering effect that improves hair elasticity. The natural moisturizer  encourages smoothness of  the hair, making unruly frizz more manageable. Best of all this oil is non-greasy, yet light weight giving your hair a natural shine and luster. A simple yet easy way on how to use Argan oil for hair dryness.

Many women wonder how to use Argan oil for hair damaged by heated styling tools. Simple, generously apply the oil to unwashed hair and leave in for about an hour. Run a comb through the hair to distribute the oil evenly. Shampoo as normal and use this treatment twice a week for good results.  This works well as the oil has high amounts of Vitamin E, which we know is a natural antioxidant which protects against free radicals and damage from the environment. The antioxidant will restore hair back to its natural health.

Argan oil benefits are for color treated hair as well. How to use Argan oil for hair that is color treated you wonder… Well, wait at least a week after you color it before using Argan oil. Apply a generous amount and leave it on overnight. The next morning shampoo and style as you normally would. This liquid gold will intensify your  color making it shinier and seem full of life. Here is another plus for using this oil; it will actually increase the life of your color, permitting you to color less often and save some money. The fatty acids in the oil are responsible for this property. You may have asked how to use Argan oil for hair and not realized that it had so many benefits.

People who suffer from mild to severe dandruff are also asking how to use Argan oil for hair diseases. Apply the product to the roots and comb the hair for about five minutes. The combing action distributes the oil while at the same time rehydrating the scalp and with continued use  prevent dandruff from recurring.

How to use Argan oil for hair growth is a popular question many men are asking. The best way is to use Argan oil for scalp massage. Have someone in your family apply it to the scalp and massage for about ten minutes. Try to do this once a week for optimal results. Studies show that Argan oil is effective in treating and preventing hair loss.  During the massage vitamins and essential nutrients from the oil stimulate the hair follicles to improve elasticity and encourage more hair growth. During the massage pores are un-clogged and oxygen flow to the hair root rises thereby stimulating new hair growth. Furthermore, it will stimulate keratin production which will prevent hair thinning and hair loss. 

Hair stylists are not only recommending this oil to their clients but they are using it in their salons. You may wonder how to use Argan oil for hairstyles? Simple visit a high-end but reputable hair salon and ask the stylist to use Argan oil products when styling your hair. If you are on a budget, then mix a few drops of this oil in your hair product and style as you normally would and that is how to use Argan oil for hair styles.

Now that you know how to use Argan oil for hair, use it and bring back the shine and color to it.