We have all heard about the amazing coupon shoppers who never actually pay for their groceries. You probably want to get in on that good deal, but have no idea where to start or how to start. In the beginning, it is not easy it can be overwhelming. You have to follow a plan. You have to have self-discipline. If you are eager and ready to start, you can do it. You can cut your grocery bill by half or more as soon as you decide to become a smart shopper.

Your notebook will become your best friend so grab a notebook.

Make a list on the front cover of all the stores in your neighborhood. Limit your travel distance to 5 or 10 miles because you do not want to spend money on gas.

Every Sunday sit down at your computer and go to each stores website.

Click on the view weekly circular.

Make a list of what you use that is on sale at each store. Do not list items you do not use just because the price is good unless you plan on donating your free groceries to a local food bank, which is a great idea and will be highly appreciated.

Pick up the Sunday newspaper. There are tons of coupons in a Sunday paper and well worth the $1 or $2 investment.

Match the coupons to the sale items. Find the lowest priced item.

Store sales generally repeat every three months, so if you found a great deal, resist buying it until you accumulate more coupons for the next sale round.

If you do not have coupons for a certain product begin searching the web. Start by going to the manufacturer's website, download and print the coupons.

To gather more coupons, ask friends and neighbors to save their unused coupons for you. Pick the coupons up from them every week.

Look in recycle bins on your towns recycle day.

Look at coupon clipping services, the small investment in buying coupons will sometimes outweigh the cost of them. Look on eBay, there are a ton of coupon sellers.

Call or write to the manufacturer and let them know how much you like their product, oftentimes they will thank you with coupons.

Cut the coupons and head for the store.

Organize the coupons into groups such as detergents and soaps, juices, foil wrap etc. Place all of the coupons in an organizer.

Do not go up and down every aisle.

Head only for the aisles that have the product that is at least 75% off or hopefully free. When a non-perishable product is free stock up on it. Use as many coupons as you can possibly get your hands on.

Resist impulse buying. Do not go to the store hungry. Leave the kids home if you can.

Head to the next store and repeat.

Do not only shop in grocery stores, check sales and specials in stores like Walmart, Target, CVS and any other store you have locally.

Try a google search for coupon chat rooms, many people are willing to share secret bargains you may have missed.

Never pay retail.

It takes time and discipline, but you will be saving money.