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At the time of writing Facebook has over 900 million active users.A staggering number and no; this post will not show you how to get all of them to visit your blog.But Facebook can be a fantastic promotional tool for Bloggers.But first you need to learn how to utilize the tools available to you.You also need to learn how to attract facebook fans and what they will expect once they become fans.

Your Facebook Like Page - Many new bloggers will link to their FaceBook profile on their blog.This is a mistake, you need to create a Like Page (Formally known as a fan page) for your blog.You can create a like page in a few minutes, first follow this link to Facebook Pages.Now choose 'Band Or Product' and from the drop down choose 'Website', continue through the rest of the steps to get your page live.Once your page is created make sure to invite your friends to like the page.

Facebook On Your Blog - Now that your have your Like Page created you need to let your blog visitors know.The best way to do this is by adding a Like Box to your blogs sidebar.You can create your Facebook like box by following this link to Facebook Developers.

Updating Your Facebook Page With Your Latest Content - You have options here; you can log into facebook and share your latest post to your page wall, you can have a bookmark on Facebook button on your posts and use this, or you can automatically share your posts on Facebook.

Automatically Share Your Blog On Facebook - One of the best ways to have your latest blog posts automatically added to your Facebook page is using the Rss Graffiti app.

These tips will help you get started with using Facebook to promote your blog.

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