Tools For All Types Of Hair

The most important thing to know about how to use hair styling tools is which tools you need to best style your type of hair. Hair salons show off a dizzying array of styling tools, and many of us are anxious to own the best styling tools that we can. We want to use the best because we think then we'll get the best results. But don't be misled by that large number of hair styling tools available to your favorite stylist. Remember, he or she needs all those tools to handle any type of hair.

You don't. You need only the tools that are appropriate to style YOUR hair. So, let's examine which tools are the best choice for different kinds of hair and how to use them. You'll have just the tools you need, and think of all that space you'll free up by not having to store those extra styling tools you never use.

Blow Dryer
 The blow dryer is useful for all types of hair. Hold the dryer about 8 to 10 inches from your hair to avoid burning your scalp or your hair. Using the lower heat setting is a good way to avoid damaging your hair. Yes, it takes a little longer, but you really don't want to damage your hair just to save a couple of minutes, do you?
For a smooth look , dry your hair from the roots to the ends. For the popular rougher look of today, blow dry from the ends to the roots.Keep the dryer moving, never staying on one section of your hair for too long.

Tools For Straight Hair
Blow Dryer

Curling Iron

Hot Rollers

For straight hair, a little lift at the top is what's needed for today's hair styles. Some volumizing product will begin the process, and we'll follow that up with either a curling iron or hot rollers , depending on which tool works best for your hair type, and how much time you have. Hot rollers are not as hot as a curling iron and take longer.

First start the process with a quick blow dry of the roots. Use a round brush with the dryer and work in sections. To make your lift last longer, then move on to either the hot rollers or the curling iron to finish the job.

Tools For Curly Hair

Blow Dryer (with diffuser)

Curl Cream

Flat Iron

To Enhance Your Curls
Start off by drying your hair using the diffuser with your blow dryer. Then add some curl cream and after your hair is dry recurl it using a curling iron. Using a heat protection product for your hair is a must whenever you use any type of iron on your hair.

To Straighten Hair
Shampoo and condition, then use a heat protection product. Blow dry your hair as above, but now instead of adding curl cream and defining your curls with a curling iron, we'll use a flat iron. Again, we'll work in sections. 

Two Important Hair Styling Tips
Some general tips for styling your hair at home are to never style your hair in the bathroom immediately after a shower. The humidity will be too high. And when choosing a round hair brush realize that a small brush gives you more curl. Larger brush equals less curl.
Hopefully this little primer on choosing and how to use hair styling tools has given you some useful information to get you started on home hairstyling.