Do you have pet fish?

You're about to discover that when you want to be successful with any product, including your online articles, you need to "find a hungry school of fish - and feed them."

Nearly everyone has seen what happens when you feed hungry fish. They attack the food - they create a feeding frenzy.

Would you like to see a feeding frenzy on your articles - a frenzy that generates traffic and income?

Of course you would

How do you find a "hungry school of fish on the Internet?

With keywords

When enough people type the same word or phrase into a search engine like Google when they're looking for information - that word or phrase becomes a keyword or phrase.

Knowing how to find and use the right keyword or phrase is how you discover your "hungry school of fish" that you can feed with your product or information.

Things You Will Need


*Internet Connection

*Google Adwords Keyword Tool (free)

*Access to Google Search Engine

*Desire to Succeed

Step 1

You can easily find them by typing "google keyword" into the search engine without the quotes. Then click on "Google Adwords Keyword Tool" and you'll be taken to a page where you'll be able to find the keywords and phrases people are using to find what they're looking for online.

And by the way - the Google Adwords Keyword Tool is free.

Step 2

First you'll notice a box with the instructions "enter one keyword one phrase per line." I suggest you start with just one word or phrase.

Next, you'll see the instructions "type the characters you see in the picture below" and all you have to do is type what you see.

Then click on "get keyword ideas" and wait while Google's Adwords Keyword Tool goes to work.

When the results appear you'll notice there are many keywords and phrases listed on the left hand side of your screen. You'll also see "local search" and "global search" results. These numbers tell you how many searches have been conducted for each keyword or phrase. You should look at the "global search" numbers.

The exact keyword or phrase you entered may show up with "not enough data" which means not enough searches were entered with that exact keyword or phrase.

You'll also notice a variety of other phrases that people have used and how often. The global search results should be looked at as "demand" for that keyword or phrase.

Since you want to find a niche that you can be competitive in, look for anywhere from around 500 to 2,000 searches.

Step 3

Now that you know the actual "demand" - you need to know the "supply" - or how many pages already exist online (your competition) that include your keyword or phrase.

To determine supply, open another window and use the Google search engine again. This time, type the keyword or phrase you've selected into the search engine and hit enter.

When the search page comes up, look slightly to the right where it reads "Search results 1-10 (followed by a number). The number could be anywhere from several thousand to millions. This number represents the number of pages Google found that use your keyword or phrase. This number represents your "supply."

When the demand is higher than the supply, your chances of finding a hungry school of fish to feed is very high. If everyone wants a cup of coffee and you have the only coffee shop in town - you have a winner.

In today's online world, finding a demand that's higher than the supply is very difficult - but decent demand of 500 to 2,000 or so searches with a supply of even 30 million might just work for you - if you write an original, high quality article that includes your keyword or phrase in your title and two or three times in your article body.
Search engines love original, high quality content - and if you deliver just that, your chances of success are much better.

Knowing what keywords and phrases are, and how to use them gives you powerful knowledge online. You can be a success and make money online when you put keywords and phrases to work for you.

Just throwing some food anywhere on the water isn't going to bring results. But when you know how to "find a hungry school of fish and feed them" your chances of success are greatly improved.

Now spend some time learning how to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool - decide on a topic, find the keyword or phrase you want to use and start writing.

Remember, becoming good at anything takes practice - be patient and keep writing. When you achieve success - remember that knowledge is power - so keep on learning.

Have FUN

Tips & Warnings

Practice "drilling down" through the keywords to the smaller niches with 500 to 2,000 searches. You'll notice that even with low search numbers, there can be very high supply numbers. Stay away from those.