Many people have tattoos nowadays, but they're still not acceptable in all situations. For this reason, sometimes people will want to cover up their tattoos for a special occasion, or they may be required to do so in certain occupations. Fortunately, it's quite easy to cover up a tattoo using make up. Let's take a look at what's involved.

First of all, you need to obtain the appropriate make-up to conceal your tattoo. Some people use normal facial foundation (solid foundation sticks are better than the liquid variety for this purpose), and then use powder to set it in place.

However, regular foundation isn't always heavy enough to cover up large, densely coloured tattoos, so it can be better to purchase special heavy-duty concealer make up. Here you basically have the choice of all-purpose concealer make up (such as Dermablend) or specialist tattoo concealers. If you want to make things easy for yourself, you might want to buy an all-in-one tattoo cover up kit, which will contain everything you need.

Before applying make-up, make sure that the skin is clean and oil free. Tattoo make-up kits will often come with a brush or other type of applicator that you can use to spread the paste make-up over the tattoo. You should take special care to ensure that the make up is completely blended around the edges, to create a seamless transition into your own skin.

Depending on the type of make-up you're using, you may then need to apply powder over the top to set it. This will further help to conceal the tattoo, and avoid a shiny appearance.

It's important to select tattoo make-up which matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Some concealer kits have a 'color wheel' format and include pastes in several different shades; these are a great way to get the right colour, as you can blend them together until you get the shade you need. They're also a good idea if you like to tan, so you don't have to keep buying a new concealer as your skin colour changes.

One thing to be aware of is that most make up will smear upon contact, so once you've got your tattoo covered up, be careful not to brush against anybody or do anything else to mess it up. Also, if you do a lot of swimming, sports or are planning on spending time at the beach, you might also want to look for waterproof make-up.

When the time comes to remove your concealer, regular make-up removers will normally do the trick, although if you've used a very heavy formulation, you might find that using a special theatrical make-up remover is more efficient. Many tattoo make-up kits will also include a remover.

As you can see, using make-up to cover the tattoo isn't difficult, although it does take a little bit of effort. But when done correctly, you can completely conceal your tattoo from view. And as long as you get the right tone and take the time to blend it, you shouldn't be stuck with an ugly looking patch of make-up either.