think (22312)Changing bad habits is one of those things that everybody is interested in because we all generally want to become better human beings. Many of us read books and employ all sorts of different techniques to try and change the habits that we no longer want.

One of the things that people do in an attempt to change bad habits is to read a lot of books on self-improvement and personal growth. While reading these books is beneficial for overall personal development, the books themselves are not the tools that will help you change the bad habits.

In order to best use the knowledge available in those books, you need to do certain things consistently in order to change a bad habit. Since habits are merely an extension of what are thoughts are, we must change our thinking. It is actually our thinking that stops us from attracting abundance and manifesting the positive circumstances that we wish to bring about in our lives.

In other words, if you want to change the way you act, you must change the way you think.

There is one highly effective technique for changing the way you think about something. By making this technique apart of your life, you can exponentially increase the chances of changing your thinking to change you bad habits and develop newer and better ones.

By changing your habits you will thereby be changing the circumstances in your life. Think of self-talk as an always ready, on-hand tool for re-inventing yourself and your life.


In order to change your thinking you must find a way to communicate effectively with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind cannot tell between right and wrong, good and bad. It merely accepts the instructions given to it and will work behind the scenes to bring about the ideas and images that it is fed.

Your actions and thus your habits are based on the beliefs you have about yourself and the world that are in your subconscious mind. And one of the most useful tools to change this is through the use of self-talk.

Self-talk is the way you communicate with yourself in your own mind and aloud. You can suggest things to yourself that can change the way you act, but these instructions must first reach the subconscious mind.

The only way they can reach the subconscious mind is by constant repetition of a firm and positive command that is mixed with emotions. When this occurs, the command will bypass the conscious mind, which acts as a guard, and it will go into the subconscious mind. The more the command is given to the subconscious mind with emotion, the more you will see the results that you desire.

So for example, say you desire to stop smoking. Then you will have to create a powerful affirmation such as, "I don't enjoy smoking. I no longer smoke, and it just doesn't do it for me anymore."

At first as you say it your conscious mind will fight it. This is natural. But if you consistently keep this up for a few weeks, day and night, while remembering to mix emotions with it, you will soon find that one day when you go to smoke you will remember these instructions. When you do, you will stop and think to yourself, "I don't enjoy smoking….and smoking just doesn't do it for me anymore. What am I doing with this cigarette?"

It is important to remember that repetition of emotionalized positive commands given to the subconscious will produce the positive results that you want. But the key to its effectiveness lies in your being consistent and using self-talk with emotion.