Weddings and flowers have always seemed to go together, with bridal bouquets, floral arrangements, and buttonholes brightening up the occasion and making the big day even more memorable. The beautiful color and shades of flowers bring life and joy, creating a wonderful atmosphere. Sadly, the problem with flowers is that they are delicate and transient and, after the wedding, they will fade and die, taking the beautiful memories with them.

Silk Wedding Flowers Are A Practical And Beautiful Option

As a result, many couples are turning to silk wedding flowers as a great way to lighten the big day with beautiful flower arrangements and buttonholes, without the transience of fresh flowers. For a start, silk flowers are not dependent upon the season, so you can have whatever combination of flowers and colors you want, as whatever time of year. You can use silk flowers to create an elegant, coherent theme, using silk centerpieces on the altar and draping small wreaths around the guest book for an added touch. Many couples even use complementary bouquets to adorn the pews, tying the theme together.

Planning for a wedding is a busy and stressful time, but using silk flowers allows you to prepare the wedding centerpieces and bouquets weeks in advance, long before the mad rush. Silk arrangements and centerpieces are a great solution if you plan to travel to an exotic location for a wedding, because you don't have to worry about liaising with local suppliers. With silk flowers, you will be able to choose the bouquets in advance, and the bride has plenty of time to make sure that she is perfectly happy with the overall arrangement.

Rose Bouquets Make Wonderful Silk Wedding Flowers

How To Use Silk Wedding Flowers As Gifts And Favors

Artificial flowers cost about the same as regular flowers, yet will last and allow the happy couple and their guests to take memories away with them. Custom dictates that guests should be given a small wedding favor as a gift to take away, but this can be expensive. Using silk centerpieces on the reception tables not only adds beauty, but also makes a great favor for your friends and family. Imagine a beautiful centerpiece of bird of paradise flowers or elegant lilies, in a slender vase, and picture what a unique and beautiful gift they would make.

For the bride and bridesmaids, wedding silk flowers are a great boon, allowing them to keep their wedding bouquets forever, as a lasting memory of a breathtaking day. While there are companies who specialize in preserving live flower bouquets, these are expensive and the flowers will lose some of their color and delicate, winsome beauty. A bouquet made from silk flowers and wrapped with a beautiful ribbon is a beautiful silk flower gift for a bridesmaid; some may eventually use them for their own wedding further down the line.

The beauty of using silk flowers is that they can be recycled. They make great gifts, but many couples reuse them, after the wedding, as decorations around the home, and carefully select silk wedding flowers that will suit both tasks. Others store the flowers and centerpieces, ready to be reused for other family weddings or for wedding anniversary celebrations. Silk wedding flowers are a very cost-effective solution to providing a great backdrop for the big day.