Sometimes, before you can start doing something, you have to find a "success story". In other words you have to find a successful person doing something in the field you wish to pursue. The examples in this article will be for someone pursuing an income on the internet.

Things You Will Need

You will need to use: *Your Brain *Your Social Skills *Resources Around You

Step 1

Figure out what you want to do for a job or hobby. Anything that you want to improve in. For this article I want to be an Online Businessman.

Step 2

Do some research about your field. Google the type of job your looking for and find people that are experts in that field of work. For example: I would find a person who is making money online.

Step 3

Read all the things you can find about that person. If they have success stories, definitely take a look at those, they are very inspiring.

Step 4

Try to get more personal with the person. Call them or Email them. Find some way to be able to talk to them one on one. DON'T ANNOY THEM THOUGH! By doing this you can ask any questions you would want to.

Step 5

Mention to them an interest in working for them or working with them. This could provide good experience, while possibly also making you money. For example: I could set up a website with my role model to gain experience. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS STEP MIGHT NOT BE A POSSIBILITY!

Step 6

If you can find out who this role model is buddies with or looks up to in the same industry, then they could also help you as well. Those buddies can give you even more information with different perspectives. Everyone has there own unique style so you can check out many.

Step 7

I don't mean cut contact with the person. But try and start doing things more for yourself. It's time to branch off and try your skill out on your own. Even if you were to fail you made a buddy that can help you out. Remember failure is necessary to learn. Don't be afraid to fail. For example: I would try and make my own website or blog and see where it takes me. Building relationships is key to a good business man. But you can become an expert in almost anything by building this kind of relationship.

Tips & Warnings