How to use the book of attunements
Credit: A.Lightbody

With the acclaim of Reiki energy finding itself a commonplace higher-vibrating phenomena, minds have been opened to the many miracle-level possibilities in the world around them. The idea of receiving an attunement with a particular energy pattern is becoming increasingly commonplace with so many interesting varieties available. The Books Of Attunements offers high-vibrating energy patterns, but attuning isn't much different than the process involved with other systems.


Is Self-Attunement Effective?

It's how Dr.Usui opened to Reiki. Self-attunement allows individuals interested in attunement to uplifting energy patterns to connect to them through their higher selves. This ensures a very pure transmission of energy. Energy patterns that allow one to deactivate the program whenever they like are especially helpful when you just want to experiment with what works best.


Are All Attunements Healing Based?

Yes and no. Essentially, the purpose for attunements is to assist the attunee to uplift or balance an aspect of their lives that has gone out of whack, been interfered with, or become low vibrating. Energy patterns typically help the attunee to grow beyond the limitations they've set for themselves – at their own pace.


Is The Attunement Process Hard To Adjust To?

If your energy field needs a lot of clearing, some attunements, like Reiki, may cause detox symptoms as high-vibrating energy clears a path through low-vibrating energetic sludge. Our “problems” in the earth realm are largely blockage-based. When we encounter things we don't want to experience, we usually create blocks in our energy body by “stopping” our flow to create a shielding-off from the energies we don't want. The problem is, the blocks can trap our energy in negative energy configurations. With certain attunements, a clearing of the most obstructive blocks needs to be completed before the energy pattern can flow through the energy body. In other cases, the energy patterns are more “ability-based” and are mainly seed-patterns that help the attunee to evolve in a certain area (kind of like wearing training wheels for awhile).


Do Different Attunements Interfere With Each Other?

Not typically. There could be combinations of energy patterns that don't work together as optimally as others would, but the energy patterns are attuned by the Higher Self. They're designed to work in a balanced way that's non-damaging to the attunee. Through experimentation, you'll see which attunements work best together and which water each other down. Keeping a journal of your experiences can provide a lot of insight.


Is It Possible To Order Custom Attunements?

Be sure you like the work of an attuner before approaching them for custom work. Not all attuners offer custom patterns. There are tons of ways to create your own patterns by imprinting the etheric field and asking for the assistance of your Higher Self. You may find you prefer doing your own custom work. Follow your heart on which way to go with this.