iPhone 4 Basic Manual

Whether an iPhone has been passed down to you from your kids or you have decided to get a phone you realize that there is a lot to learn. Sometimes you want to make calls, text and some Internet.

This basic tutorial for beginners will go through all the fundamental functions you will need to know, including setting up email and importing contacts. if you are looking for solutions for common problems for the iPhone you will need to read this article:  http://www.infobarrel.com/Iphone_not_working_properly_heres_why



       The iPhone
    1.0       Home Button
    1.1       Lock/Power
    1.2       +/-
    1.3       Sim Card Location
       Text Messages
    2.0       Keyboard
    2.1       Creating A New Message
    2.2       Sending Pictures
    2.3       Multiple Pictures
    2.4       Enlarging The Font When Reading A Message
    2.5       Changing the Sort and Order Of Contacts
    3.0      Email Setup
    3.1      Additional Email
    3.2      Creating An Email Message
4.0       Passcode lock
5.0       Importing Contacts / Transferring Contacts From Old Phone
6.0       Importing Contacts

The iPhone

1.0 Home Button


The home button is the main button on the front. When ever its pressed will bring you back to the home page (where all the icons are)
If you press it twice it will bring up a bar at the bottom with all the applications you have used. You can swipe your finger left or right to browse all of them. If you tap on one you will go straight to that application, and to go back to the previous one just do the same double tap etc. This is called multitasking.
You can also double tap the home button while listening to music, even if the phone is locked. this will bring up the iPod controls otherwise you'll be forever entering your pass lock every time you want to change track.

1.1 Lock/Power Button


Is located at the top right and has two functions. If you press and hold it down you will have an option to switch it off.
The second function is to lock the phone, if you press it once the screen will go black and usually hear a click this means the phone has been locked. If you press it again the screen will light up and you will see 'slide to unlock'

1.2 +/- Buttons


The +/- buttons on the side controls the volume while you are on a call and the ringer when you're not. If you press any of these buttons while someone is calling you it will mute the ring.
The top button on the side is to put the phone in silent mode

1.3 Sim Card

There is a tiny hole on the right hand side, when you poke it with the sim key tool a little sim tray will pop out. The tool can be found in the white envelope in your box.

Text Messages

2.0 Keyboard


Texting on a touch screen needs some getting used to because of the small buttons. But its easier if you turn the phone side ways, this makes the keyboard much bigger.
To enter numbers just tap on the '123' at the bottom left, there are also symbols

2.1 Creating A New Message


In the text message application just tap the button located at the top right corner that it looks like a box with a pencil.
To add a contact tap on the blue and white '+', then select the person. if you want to send the message to more than one person just press the '+' again and select another contact. Or you can enter the name of the person and the iPhone will suggest contacts for you.
To write a message tap on the white bar just above the keyboard. once you are done tap the Send button.
The big grey space in the middle is where your conversation will be.
Sending pictures
When you are in the messages application press the camera icon above the Q button. This will give you two options- either to take a photo or video' right now or you can 'choose existing' image from your photo library. Another way is to go straight to the photo in the library and press on the bottom left button, it looks like a box with an arrow pointing outwards, doing it this way will bring up more options including 'Email photo' 'Assign to contact' 'Use as wallpaper' and 'Print'

2.2 Multiple Pictures

To send multiple pictures at the same time go to the Camera Roll, (this is where you will see all the pictures together) and tap thetop right button, again this icon looks like a box with an arrow but this time it will allow you to select multiple pictures. once you are done press the Share button on the bottom right. There are also Copy Print and Delete buttons

2.3 Enlarging The Font When Reading A Message


Some of us will put on glasses just to read a text but it is better to just enlarge the text all together so its easier to read:
     Settings > General > Accessibility > Large Text
This will be set for Calendar, Contact, Mail, Messages and Notes

2.4 Importing Contacts / Transferring Contacts From Old Phone


The trick is to save all the contacts onto the old phone, then save them to the micro sim card, so when you put it back into the iPhone you import them into the contact list:
     Settings > Mail, contacts, Calendars > Import Sim Contacts
Note: Micro Sim card can only hold a maximum of 250 contacts

2.5 Changing The Sort And Order Of Contacts


When you import your contacts it might be set differently to what you had on your previous phone, you can change this by going to :
       Settings > Mail, contacts, Calendars > Contacts > Sort Order / Display Order


3.0 Email Setup


To set up email please make sure that you have your email and password and that they are correct.
Tap the Mail icon on the home screen then select the email provider who you are with, then simply enter the email address and password.

3.1 Additional Email


If you have more than one email account then you need to go to:
     Settings > Mail, contacts, Calendars > Add Account
You can set the iPhone to fetch your emails every 15 minutes, half hour, hour or manual. setting it up on manual.

3.2 Creating An Email Message

Tap the Mail icon, then tap on the box with a pencil at the bottom right corner.

To add a contact you can either type their name or press the + sign on the right, the blank space below the subject is where you compose your message. once you are done tap the send button at the top right.

To send a picture please follow the instructions above in the Text Messages > Send Pictures

4.0 Passcode Lock


This is where you can set a combination of numbers so you can lock your phone. This should be set to secure your data on your phone in case someone steals or finds your phone.
     Setting > General > Passcode Lock > ON > Enter a 4 digit number and then again to verify it.

5.0 Importing Contacts / Transferring Contacts From Old Phone


To import contacts please make sure that all your contacts are saved onto your phone not your sim card, because you will be given a new micro sim card to use in the iPhone 4. once you have done that insert the micro chip into your old phone and save them to the sim card. after insert the micro back into the iPhone 4 and go to:  
     Settings > Mail Contacts And Calendars > Import SIM Contacts

6.0 Changing The Sort And Order Of Contacts


Sometimes when you import your contacts from another phone they are not in order, to sort them out alphabetically just go to:
     Settings > Mail Contacts And Calendars > Sort Order / display Order