Employees are an important part of your success, and productivity can have a significant impact on your bottom line.  Ensuring that your employees are as productive as possible makes good business sense, especially if you have employees who work in the field.  Whether it’s a team of mobile sales staff or repair technicians working in remote locations, when employees are away from the office, there’s an increased risk that their productivity will be affected.

That isn’t to say that your employees are necessarily intentionally deceiving you or taking advantage of your company.  Often, hardworking staff will make productivity errors without realizing it.  And unfortunately, there are some employees who will try to get away with work that they’re not doing.  An increasingly popular approach to monitoring employee productivity while they’re on the road is through GPS tracking systems.  These systems can give managers clear insight into where employees are and how productive their time away from the office is.

There are numerous benefits to using GPS to track vehicles operated by employees.  Perhaps foremost among these is the ability to monitor the vehicle itself.  A comprehensive system will give you insight into how fast the employee drives the car, whether they are driving within established parameters, and how efficiently the vehicle is performing.  Employees who are driving too fast can be alerted, and vehicles that are performing inefficiently can be brought in for maintenance.  These factors alone can save the company money and improve the safety and productivity of employees.

GPS tracking systems can also be used to track a vehicle’s whereabouts.  Not only does this allow you to ensure that employees are where you expect them to be, you can also review the travel patterns of employees to ensure that they are taking the most cost effective routes.    Moreover, being able to pinpoint a vehicle’s position enables you to find a car that has been stolen.

In addition to the insight that GPS tracking offers, the knowledge that their actions are being monitored can encourage employees to act responsibly and efficiently.  An employee who knows his trip to his next appointment is being monitored is less likely to drive recklessly or make unnecessary stops along the way.  Furthermore, an employee will likely think twice before claiming they spent more time on a job than they actually did if they know that their whereabouts can be verified through GPS reports.

Empowering your employees to work outside of the office can have many positive benefits for your company, especially if you take steps to ensure that they remain productive.  GPS tracking is an excellent way to increase the productivity of employees, even when they are offsite.  Look for software packages that offer comprehensive reporting, flexibility, and customizable notification settings.  The difference in productivity and efficiency will make a high quality solution well worth the investment.