Writing can serve many purposes in your life. For many, it is their favorite creative outlet and/or their preferred mode of communication. Some of us love writing eHow articles, for example. But did you know that therapists often use writing as a therapeutic tool with their clients, and you can do this too, regardless of whether or not you are actually in therapy.

Things You Will Need

A desire to write along with a pad and paper or a computer or word processor.

Step 1

Write a letter you don't intend to send. This is an exercise that many therapists use with clients. It gives you the chance to pour your emotions onto the page in a cathartic fashion without hurting anyone else in the process. (A variation on this exercise is to write a letter to someone who is no longer living and to whom you wish you had expressed your feelings before they died.)

Step 2

Keep a journal. A journal or diary provides you with a private writing outlet, where you can express all of your deepest hopes, dreams and fears and keep them all to yourself, if you prefer. Some people keep more than one private journal. For instance, they may have a main journal and then other "themed" journals, such as a weight loss journal, or a professional goals journal, and so on. What's great about having a private writing outlet like a journal or diary is that you can really let loose on the page without fear of any repercussions. There is something very freeing about writing with no holds barred.

Step 3

Writing for publication can even be a therapeutic tool if it helps both you and your readers. However, as you know, writing for publication must be polished and it must make sense, as opposed to yHow
Writing can also help you organize your thoughts. Some people feel that they don't fully understand their own thinking processes and/or views on a particular subject until they have explored that particular topic in writing.

Tips & Warnings

Of course, while writing may be useful as a mental health tool, there is no way that it can actually replace therapy if you are in need of therapy. Be sure to evaluate your mental health status as accurately as you can to determine whether or not you need therapy. But, if you are just a little stressed out and looking for a way to feel less stressed, writing may be a great option for you.