There are many different religious affiliations in the world, and a good many people recognize and believe in a higher power. As a result, many people attend church or some kind of worship service recognizing that higher power and fellowshipping with those of like mind and religious affiliation. Many people find themselves encouraged by the messages in their worship service and like to have access to those messages outside of service. People will pay for what they love, and therefore selling ministry tapes, CD's, and DVD's can be lucrative. Online auction sites such as eBay, are great places to sell ministry CD's.

Things You Will Need

eBay Sellar's Account, Auction Listing Service, Ministry CD's Inventory

Step 1

Building your inventory is important, and for that you have to find ministry tapes and CD's to sell so doing research is necessary. Open up a search engine and search popular ministries and Pastor's. Also, if there is a particular person or ministry that you love, then it may be worth it to know if they have ministry messages available. Another way to research what is popular as well is to open up eBay and click on advanced search. Make sure auctions ended is checked and search for ministry CD's. eBay will generate a list of ended auctions. You can see which auctions went for good prices and try to tailor your inventory to that.

Step 2

Once you have done the research then it is time to begin collecting your inventory. Go to places like the goodwill, thrift stores, and yard sales to look for and buy ministry tapes, CD's, and DVD's. Many people will tire of a message and decide to give them away or sell them cheaply. You can also go online directly to the ministry's website and see if they have any messages on sale. You may be able to garner a better orice than their sale.

Step 3

After gathering your inventory, photograph it appropriately and create your listings. You can sell them in lots, or individually. Many people use a secondary service to create their listings, but whether you use a secondary service or create your listings directly on eBay does not matter since you will be posting your listings to eBay regardless.

Once you have your listings laid out the way you want them, post them too eBay. Your auction will be launched immediately. Check up on the auction every now and again to see what bids are coming in on your listings.

Tips & Warnings

Results may vary.