Nowadays the replica industry is becoming bigger and bigger. It is hard to identify authentic Coach handbags from the replica ones. I have some tips so you will buy an authentic handbag and not a fake. It will safe you money and some frustration.

Things You Will Need

To use this guide you will need common sense,the ability to read and the internet.
Invest some time within a Coach store before buying virtually any Coach merchandise online. Examine the price reduction closely. If then normal cost of a Coach bag is actually near the 300 dollar and you can purchasing the handbag for close to a hundred on the internet this can be a red flag for you that the seller is probably not ok. This is because one simple reason, vendors who obtain Coach bags at wholesale prices do not want to selling items for a 50% or more price cut. Just logic.

Tips & Warnings

Some final pointers to identify a fake from a real Coach handbag.
-The monogram; the actual Coach signature "C" monogram continues to be included in a few of the patches over the hand bag outside. Do the "C" fall into the line? The position is very important because the Coach designers make great effort to get their monogram symmetric.
-The interior; Coach designers use high end quality products to produce a Coach handbag. Counterfeits do not, they use for instance plastic handles (always a fake) and other low cost leathers and hardware. Real Coach handbags are of fine quality and because of the quality materials heavier then fake ones.
-Hangtags and the Creed; a lot of replica's do not have hangtags, always watch the stitches on the hangtag (on the whole hand bag actually), Coach their stitches are clean and straight. The creed is the leather patch inside the bag. Not every Coach has one, but if it had you can see if it's real when it is stitched on the bag and not engraved.
Final tip:
Always look for multiple signs of authenticity when you are not sure if it is a authentic Coach handbag!