By waking up happy you can almost guarantee that the rest of the day will be filled with joy as well. And the other way around, if you wake up sad or angry, the rest of the day will most likely be the same. So how do you wake up happy every morning? Is it even possible? Yes, it sure is! Here are some ideas to help you out...

Choose to! How strange this may sound, you can actually choose to wake up happy. The moment you wake up you can make a conscious decision to either let negative or positive thoughts enter your mind. But “bad thought automatically enters my mind in the morning” in that case, you are actually choosing to be passive and letting negative thought both enter your mind and effect your mood. So the key to waking up happy is choosing to do so and think positive thoughts!

How To Wake Up HappyAsk yourself empowering questions. One of the most powerful ways to direct your mind to positive thought is to ask yourself the right types of questions. Questions like “What am I grateful for today?”, “What am I excited about today?”, “What am I happy about today?”, Who loves me?” and “What can I do today to make someone else happy?” are questions that will give you positive answers. The best time to ask these questions is the exact moment you wake up. This is because you won’t give those negative thought even a small chance to enter your mind. Another good time to ask these questions is when you brush your teeth or standing in front of your mirror.

Get the right amount of sleep. The time you rest your body and mind at night has a direct impact on your mood. If you wake up and feel tired, the bigger chances are that negative thoughts will come to mind. When you haven’t had enough sleep you might ask yourself; “Why didn’t I go to sleep much earlier yesterday?” or “Why do I have to wake up now?”. These types of questions will do you no good. Get the right amount of sleep each night and you won’t have this thoughts entering your mind at all. Find out how many hours your body and mind needs to get a full night of rest.

Reduce stress in the morning. If you wake up and have the feeling that you have to do many things in a short period of time, you might be dealing with stress and negative thoughts in the morning. So by eliminating some of the things you have to do in the morning, you can actually reduce stress and negative thoughts. Maybe you could take a shower or prepare your morning coffee the night before. By doing these things the night before, you give yourself more time to relax and enjoy your morning. And once you start to do this, your mind will start to associate mornings with relaxation and joy which will make you excited to wake up in the morning.

What’s your favourite way to wake up happy in the morning? Maybe you listen to your favorite music or some inspirational and motivational messages? Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts. And please share this article with someone you know that might find it valuable.