"if you are poor, start building your portfolio to be rich and if your are not, start building your portfolio to be wealthy".

To be able to make wealth aggressively, you must be an aggressive investor. You must be ready to take risks because just as some shares look very promising on the stock exchange so also can they plunge in the twinkle of an eye.

You must have the mind of making money and also the capacity to absorb loss.

As an investor you can also decide to ply your trade moderately selecting your target investments discretely. If an investment is too risky and unsafe, the moderate investors will not ply their trade. They are not in the "hit-and-run" stocks no matter how good such an investment may look.

On the other side the conservative investor does not bother his head on risky investment, his own is the long time gain.

Passion For Money

Your passion for money also gives you a drive for information on money line and more information means more questions and right answers to yours questions which give you the right foundation for your investments.

The Wealth Within You

Sadly, majorities are short-sighted and are unable to see far or see beyond their noses, so they can't see an opportunity even if it shows up or shines like the sunlight.

You need wisdom to get money and you also need wisdom to maintain and manage money. Money cannot give wisdom.

Don't always think of the money you want to get, think of the live you want to bless and the service you want to render. This is the best time ever for you to make it, yesterday was not good enough for you to get the best and tomorrow is too late. This is the best moment to break even in your financial life.

Money Principles

There has always been money available no matter the season but only those that can apply its principle can get it in abundance. If you do not apply the law that command abundance and wealth, you can not leave the ground floor of poverty or get to the height of prosperity.

To be a successful investor, you must be consistent because your investment strength has its peak after which it will begin to depreciate, as you go ahead in life your responsibility increases in terms of children in school family, parent to support etc, your investment capability also begins to diminish but for your former consistency and the replenishing factor which investment has. Dormant investors can keep reaping form their investment for life even when they have sown the seed.

Money Principles Involve Building An Investment Habit

Make investment a habit you have to sacrifice what you want now for what you must later need.

If you don't reinvest what you have, you are not creating opportunity for money to be reproduced. There must be an input, which are always the foundation assets that will produce returns on investment later.

Let your thinking on money be a drive for you to do work on how to get it.

To make great success in your personal finance, you must be ready to achieve your investment goals with minimal supervision.

Passion For Investment

There are some things you are into now that would not give the pace and speed you need to reach your destination in life. The choice is to leave it and move into what you have passion for.

Bill Gates had passion for the computer, for him to achieve his dream he had to drop out of school to study what resulted into what has made him the world richest man. Sometimes you may need to drop out to realize your dream or do what you have passion for. You can even spend sleepless night after your job just to achieve your dream of financial freedom.

Even though you have acquired knowledge in an area and you have to let go, knowledge acquired is never a waste, it may not be useful in the sense that it is not what you desire to be your profession, but it will certainly aid you in achieving or reaching your goal in life.

The same goes with investment, to have passion for investment means to drop out bad spending habits, to curtail waste drop out of financial indiscipline, you have to do away with some people you used to move with. You may go as far as firing your boss as well if staying with him would not help you achieve your goal. Paul Allen, a one time second richest man in the world, had his career as well as his passion for computers gradually diminished and his passion for stock investment increased.

To your success