Cashmere sweaters are beautiful. They are expensive to buy and can be expensive to maintain. Most people think Cashmere sweaters need to be dry cleaned, not all do. If your cashmere sweater was very expensive or has a tag that says "Dry Clean Only", you may want to consider using a dry cleaner. If your cashmere sweater says "Dry Cleaning Recommended", it means you can wash it yourself.

Things You Will Need

mild detergent

thick absorbent towels

Step 1

Fill a sink or tub with cool water. Do not use hot water because you will shrink your cashmere sweater.

Step 2

Add a mild detergent to the water and stir to mix. Use a detergent that is free of dyes.

Step 3

Place the cashmere sweater in the water and completely submerge it.

Step 4

Swish the cashmere sweater around in the water. Do not twist or wring it.

Step 5

Pour out the soapy water or if you are using a sink open the drain to drain the water.

Step 6

Refill the sink or bucket with plain cool water. Swish the sweater around again.

Step 7

Lay 2 thick, absorbent, white towels on a flat surface. Lay the cashmere sweater on top of the towels. Do not use color towels because you can transfer the dye from the towels to your sweater.

Step 8

Roll the towels with the cashmere sweater inside. press down on the towels to absorb water.

Step 9

Lay 2 clean, dry, white towels on a flat surface and lay the cashmere sweater on top. Turn the sweater over after about 2 hours. Change the towels if they are very wet. Be sure the sweater remains flat for the entore drying time. If your cashmere sweater looks a little flat and lifeless after it has dried, use the steam setting on your iron to bring the fluff back.

Tips & Warnings