The Skinny on Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans, also known as skinny leg skins, are a huge fashion trend. These types of jeans show off the legs like there is no tomorrow, plus they can look fabolous with any pair of heels. Many women love skinny leg jeans for the simple fact that they can wear outragous heels to pair with them. The problem that most women seem to have with skinny leg jeans is that they feel their legs are too big, too wide, or too short to wear them and look good in skinny jean. That simply is not true.

Skinny jeans can be flattering for any body type, you just have to know how to work them. I wasn't a big fan of the skinny leg jean until I wore a pair and saw that they actually are very comfortable and very flattering. The main idea with the fashion trend of skinny leg jeans is all about proportion and pairing it with the right top and right shoes for your body type. Skinny jeans are actually a spin-off of boot leg jeans. Boot leg jeans were made spefically for women who wanted to wear jeans that showed off their boots in a stunning way. With that being said, skinny jeans took that idea and ran with it. Skinny jeans are made to be worn with certain tops, mostly tunic tops or outstanding jacket's that show off both the top and the leg without over doing the ensemble.

How To Wear Skinny Leg Jeans

  1. Find a pair of skinny jeans that fits your body type. Learning what type of skinny jean looks best on your body is part of learning how to wear skinny leg jeans. First off, try on different pairs of skinny jeans. There are certain types of material that do better with body types. For instance, if you have larger calves or thighs, go for a stretchy denim material. If you have stick thin legs, try thicker-based denim with more material that will hold in place.
  2. Pay attention to the color of the skinny leg jeans. This is another important part of picking out the right skinny leg jeans for your body type. If you have bigger legs, try going with a darker wash color such as black or dark blue denim. If you have thinner legs, try going with a medium blue, light blue or gray wash denim to help the legs stand out more. This adds depth to the legs without a big emphasis.
  3. Shoes make all the difference with skinny jeans. Pay close attention to what type of shoe you wear with skinny jeans. Virtually many shoe can be paired with skinny jeans but depending on your body type, a heel can make a difference. If you have shorter legs, try going for a shoe with a heel. This makes the legs look longer instantly. If you already have long legs, try pairing skinny leg jeans with a flats. These tips don't include everybody. It's better to have heels or flats, but try not to go with an average height shoe, such as sneakers. The look of sneakers with skinny leg jeans seems to look awkward on either body type.
  4. Consider your choice of a top paired with skinny jeans. Commonly when you think of jeans, you think of any plain shirt. With skinny jeans, you must pair the jeans with the right choice of type for your body. Think of your torso when pairing a top with skinny jeans. If you have a shorter waist, you always need to go with a longer top. These shirts are known as tunic tops. If you have a longer waist, you need to go with a cropped jacket or shorter top, maybe even with a belt around the waist.

Trends With Skinny Leg Jeans

Now that the common factors of how to wear skinny jeans have been explained, this portion of the article will be dovoted to what is trending with skinny jeans. In fashion magazines, runways, and even on the street, you will notice certain styles being worn with the skinny leg jean now days.

  • Boots. Boots are all the rage, and what better way to showcase them than with a nice pair of skinny leg jeans. Knee-high boots, flat boots, and rain boots alike are being paired with skinny jeans everyday. It's very simple to wear boots with skinny jeans since the boot slides over the leg of the jean so well.
  • Short jackets. Short jackets are trending really well with skinny jeans. Any type of cropped jacket, whether it be leather, a military jacket or even a cute sport jacket goes nicely with skinny jeans.
  • Flat shoes. Flats are very trendy and very cute. Flat shoes are trending well with skinny jeans for the simple fact that they stand out in the crowd. The ending of the jeans are so close to the ankle, that the next thing you seem to notice are the cute flats with a bow.
  • Tunic tops. Tunics are simply longer shirts made to flow over the waist and thighs at a length that shows off the rest of your legs amazingly. Tunic tops are especially trendy with women that have a short waist. This elongates the waist making them appear taller and longer.
  • Very high heels. Super high heels are trending well with skinny jeans for the fact that these type of jeans showcases the shoe more than anything. It's super sexy for a night out on the town.