Tight Leggings StylesShiny leggings have been around longer that you'd realise. Since leather leggings and the like hit the fashion market back in the fall season of 2008, leggings have enjoyed a revival in the world of fashion.

Things You Will Need

Now, all the best dressed legs can be found, sporting tight leggings, on any given day. Whether it's a casual day out, a formal event or something more approaching fun … a great night out, leggings are back with a bang.

However, it's not a case of simply buying a pair, pulling them on and blazing down the local high street. Knowing how to wear them, what to wear them with will make the difference between looking as though you're on-trend or looking as though you've lost your horse.

Too many women buy a pair of shiny leggings – be they spandex/lycra, denim or leather leggings and think that's all you need to do to look good. Unfortunately, there's a bit more to it than that. Leggings are a great piece to add to your wardrobe and will be around for sometime to come. But you also need to know what to wear with your leggings.

For instance, knee high boots worn with tight leggings can make you look more like a pirate than a follower of fashion. Instead, aim for cute ankle or Ugg type boots. If in doubt, wear a pair of flat pumps – but make sure you don't have 6 inches of legging ruffled up around your ankle.

Layering remains on-trend and the boho look is a great way to embrace both layering and leggings. Team your leggings with long tunics and a short shrug. Or pick something feminine and floaty, worn with a co-ordinating tee underneath. Invest in a fab short-waisted jacket – a denim one is a good choice – and wear it accordingly.

Layering is an all-year-round look and can be adapted to suit the season – and weather. A cute scarf can be worn in warmer months or a heavier knit in the winter. Same with tops – light and delicate tunics or winter warming woollens will look just as good.

Wearing tight leggings shouldn't be a chore. Paying attention to what suits you – in terms of colors and accessories – and what the fashion world is marketing (check shop windows, magazines and so on) and you'll soon realise what not to wear. At the same time, experiment, as what suits other women may not suit you.

Remember: no two of us have exactly the same size and shape so cropped leggings for e.g. won't look quite as good on you if you're short in the leg – leave those to the longer legged women. It's all about what looks good on you so don't be afraid to try different styles – until you find your own.

Tips & Warnings

Top Tips:

Buy the correct size – too tight and you'll end up looking like too much sausage meat in too little skin …

Make sure they're the right length – no ruffles ankles.

Tight leggings are not tights – so make sure you wear them as though they're a pant, not a pair of tights.

Don't over-do the 'look' – avoid trying to look like you're a riding jockey or a pirate.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Leggings can and do look good on most women. Find your individual style.