Relationships are always thought of to be very complicated and very confusing for both men and women. But, they don't have to be. A woman's heart is easy to win over, if you just take these next ten things into consideration.

1. Be driven, goal-oriented and ambitious. Nothing is more attractive than a guy that knows what he wants from life, and has no intention of stopping before he has reached his dreams. You don't have to be a genius; just be someone who is focused, and driven to succeed.

2. Make us laugh. There's a famous quote that Marilyn Monroe once said. "If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything." This is true. Well, in most cases anyways. Girls are always attracted to guys that have a sense of humor, and can make even a seemingly dumb comment to make the girl laugh. But boys, don't crack any corny jokes with sour punch lines. They aren't funny, or attractive. They just make you look like you are trying too hard.

3. DON'T get jealous, or play little games. Guys are always saying that we, as a population of females, are always the jealous ones. Though that may be the case in some situations, there are ALWAYS the cases of the boys who get jealous because their girlfriend has friends that are guys. Well, what about you, boys? If we don't get jealous that you have girl friends, then don't be jealous that we have guy friends. It has to be even, so don't let your insecurities get the best of you.

4. Be patient with us. Girls always come with baggage. Whether baggage from the most recent breakup, or just plain old baggage from a rough life, we need you to be patient. It is hard for girls (genuine girls) to find it in our hearts to open up to guys. We need to be shown that you can be trusted, but also shown that you can trust us. It's a two-way street, but it's very easy to make it work.

5. Surprise us! You don't have to shower us with expensive gifts, or trips to Cancun, although that would be nice! We just want to be with YOU. We just want YOU. So, take a day off, and surprise us with a picnic at the beach, or come home with flowers "just because." Rent the movie that we said was our favorite, and watch it with us, even if it's a chick-flick. Anything spontaneous is a great way to win our hearts over. We love surprises!

6. Give us our space. Don't suffocate us, and make us call you to "check in" 24/7. This especially goes out to those college couples, who are dealing with the long-distance relationships. This is probably one of the most unattractive things a boyfriend can do, is smother us. This also goes hand-in-hand with the issue of trust. So, give us our room, let us breathe, and have faith in us.

7. Be a gentleman! Doing even the simplest things show that you are a gentleman and not a tool. Hold the door for us when we enter and exit, and even open the car door for us. Make our girlfriends jealous that we have MEN instead of merely BOYS. Just the simplest act can go a long way!

8. Be our friend! A good relationship comes from knowing that we have a shoulder for support and comfort in times of need. Not only do we want a boyfriend, or a lover, but it is great to have a best friend, and boyfriend all in one package. Listen to us when we need to vent, and console us when we need it. It shows that you care about us more than in just the physical sense.

9. Do what we like to do with us. We know that usually guys don't like to do anything that involves girly things, but we want you to join us in our hobbies, sometimes. You don't have to go overboard. Come shopping with us once in awhile, and encourage us to buy that sweater because "you love the way we look in it." It doesn't have to stop or start at shopping, either. It could be renting old movies, and watching them, or volunteering for an organization that means something to us, or even spending a day with our family. Whatever it is, do it with us! We want to see that you are interested in what we are all about, and it's the effort that you even tried to do it with us, that truly counts.

10. Most importantly, LOVE US. Don't forget to remind us how much you love us, and care about us. We DO need to hear it, especially at the most random times. Don't only TELL us that you love us, but also show us. Spontaneous hugs, kisses on the forehead, and cuddling are all ways to show us, ladies that we are loved by you, gentlemen.

So do you have it? Now, men, go out there are win your way into a woman's heart!!!