A Monopoly Gameboard
Credit: hyperbolegames.com

Everyone has their own strategy at winning monopoly. Below is a list of strategies that may help you win the very next time you play. In addition, are also some common mistakes people make that cause them to lose.

Save Money Longer

Many people are so eager to buy property, trade, and start building houses and hotels early in the game. Unfortunately, you need money to trade with other players and start building on properties. Many people waste their "$200 for passing go" money on trying to expand their monopoly empire too quickly.

Instead, save your money and don't expand too quick. Since many properties only cost a few dollars for rent in the beginning, it is relatively easy to save your money. It will be even easier to save your money once all the properties have been sold to players. Save a couple thousand dollars then consider trading and expanding.

Wait To Trade

Many people want to start a monopoly so they trade properties too quickly. Sometimes they even trade the wrong properties and get stuck with cheaper properties that aren't as valuable.

To win, you'll need to get some cash and a plan before trading. Make sure the properties that you trade benefit you better than your opponent. At the same time, make sure you have enough cash to start putting houses and hotels on your properties. Since you'll trade with your opponent, they might also be looking to place houses on their properties. You'll want more cash so that you can place houses on your property before they have the cash to place houses and hotels them on theirs.

Buy Every Property You Can

Some people run out of money and stop buying property. Others only buy certain property that they think will benefit them most. This is a stupid mistake because property is more valuable than money in this game. Money is only valuable until you spend it on rent for landing on other player's spaces where as land can keep earning you income, enough to pay the rent for landing on other player's property with some extra cash to set aside.

The quick fix to this problem is to buy every property you land on. Even if you have to mortgage property, it will be better in the long run. This Is simply because you'll have a lot of property that you'll be able to unmortgage and collect rent from later where as players might not trade with you, making it harder to get your hands on property.

Buy As Many Houses As You Can

Some people rarely buy houses because their afraid they'll need money for when they land on other player's property. Having emergency cash is good but not making risky decisions every once in a while is a bad thing. Remember: no risk, no reward! The same applies in the game of monopoly.

The way to deal with this is to buy as many houses and hotels as you can. When you see other player's approaching your property, with a high chance of landing on it on their next turn, buy as many houses and hotels as you can afford. The risk will pay off most of the time. This will help you most of the time, unless no players land on your property and you end up paying a lot of rent on your next turn.

Know When To Stay In Jail

Knowing when to stay in jail or not is important. Some players don't know when to pay the $50 fine or buy/use the "get out of jail free card" to get out and when to try to stay in jail by rolling the dice three times.

Generally, if there is still a lot of property to be sold and there are no houses or hotels up yet then it is wise to get out of jail as soon as possible. This means you could pay the $50 fine or buy/use a "get out of jail free" card. If there are houses and hotels all over the place and you are generally losing money when you move around the board then you would be better off by staying in jail. This is better because you could collect lots of rent to use to buy more houses and hotels while sitting in jail. To try to stay in jail, you'll need to roll the dice and hope you don't get doubles, otherwise you're out of jail. After three tries though, you'll have to pay the $50 fine and get out of jail.

Don't Give Up

Some people realize that they're losing and declare bankruptcy too early in the game.

To avoid doing this, just keep playing. Even if you aren't doing well and it looks like you're going to lose, there's always that possibility that you'll get lucky and end up winning. In a game like monopoly, anything can change in a single turn. This means you could go from losing to winning in a matter of a few turns, so don't give up too early!