It’s no surprise that in these tough economic times more and more people are now turning to competitions and free samples in order to not only line their pockets, but to preserve what they had before these hard times. It has also led to many different scams which means you have to be more careful than ever in order to avoid them. This article will teach you the basics about how to not only win prizes and gain free samples, but to also teach you how to avoid scams.

What sort of free stuff is there?

Free stuff is always something which is always welcome. The problem is that, in previous years, most of this stuff has been worthless or has taken so much time to actually gain that it’s not worth the hassle. But the truth is there are more and more websites which are offering links for free items in any category, such as; holidays, food vouchers, cars, pet items, health items, and cold, hard cash for yourself.

The point is that the possibilities are endless because you can either win or apply for absolutely anything.

This sounds suspicious, why do they do this?

You are right to be suspicious as there are so many con artists taking advantage of the Internet. The thing is that many companies value their customer’s opinions as it drives their direction in the future. This is why many companies have a marketing strategy which provides you with free samples. This can either involve you giving your opinion as part of a survey and then receiving your free samples by mail in return or it can involve you receiving the item and then giving your opinion on it.

How will I find these giveaways?

It used to be difficult to find these giveaways as there are hundreds of thousands of companies and not all of them are offering freebies. This is why we have seen the evolution of the giveaway database website. This sort of website doesn’t actually offer you the free stuff directly; it only acts as a database for all of the competitions and giveaways on the internet.

The way it works is that they provide a central meeting place for people to both submit and review all of these offers while they gain revenue by users clicking on ads, among other things. Most of them will not charge any subscription or sign-up fee so any offers are genuinely free stuff.

And the competitions?

The competitions are exactly what you would expect. Usually you have to complete a quick five minute survey or sign-up to their mailing list and you are entered into the prize draw. The more time-consuming the process the bigger the prize at the end, and this is where you find things such as luxury holidays, cars, and cash.

You mentioned scams?

Scams are prevalent on the internet, and the competition and giveaways industry has been hit with many of them. It’s understandable that anybody would be suspicious about anything which comes from this industry, but you shouldn’t worry as all it takes is some common sense to avoid these scams.

When looking at these database websites you should give it a miss if it asks you for a sign-up or a subscription fee. The most reputable of these websites will never ask its users to pay them, and if they do then the chances are that it’s a scam.

Another simple way to avoid scams is to type the name of the website into Google with the word “scam” at the end of it. This can be used with anything as people who are ripped off have a habit of writing about it in order to warn everybody else. If the website in question has no results then the chances are that it’s legit.