Are You World Champion Material?

If you thought Rock, Paper, Scissors was a game of pure chance, think again. Put your reading hat on and learn the finer ways of this mind twisting game of deception, wit and concentration.

Every year the World Rock Paper Scissors (known as RPS from now on) Society holds a world championship in which the best RPS players face off for the chance at $50,000 in prize money and to be crowned world champion. You are probably thinking, how could anyone be skilled at a game of chance?

Well, you made a big assumption there. You assumed that RPS is a game of chance, it isn't. Below are some tricks to make sure you maximise your chances of winning next time.

The first one, male opponents have a tendency to produce rock on their first go. Try countering this by throwing paper.

Experienced RPS players will already know this trick and attempt to play on your perceived lack of skill in the art of RPS by throwing paper, you will have to make an educated guess as to how experienced your opponent is and possibly counter by throwing scissors if you think they may have a few championships under their belt or study psychology at University or something.

When you see your opponent throw two rocks in a row it is very safe to assume that their next throw is either going to be paper or scissors. People rarely throw the same hand three times in a row so make sure you counter by throwing rock yourself.

Inexperienced players will quite often produce the hand which beat their last throw, counter appropriately.

As your opponent is nearing a throw watch their fingers carefully (This can be difficult and takes a very keen eye and lightning reflex to counter). Different fingers will move or tense up depending on the hand they are about to produe. If your opponent is about to throw rock you will see all of their fingers tense up, paper will be preceeded by all of their fingers and muscles loosening and scissors will be two fingers loose and two tensing.

Statistically paper is the least thrown hand in a game of RPS.

Watch future opponent play others, take note of their throwing patterns.

These tips should see you on your way to becoming an RPS master. Who knows, you may even be world champion one day.