It is a complete delight to open the mail one morning and find the approval letter for your social security disability application, waiting there right for you. Unfortunately, for many applicants this is not the case as the number of declined claims are rising every year while the criteria for approval is becoming stricter. The waiting time can take from a couple of months to many years, as there are hundreds of applicants applying at the same time. Up to 60% of applications fail  during the first stages of the application. Therefore, if your application fails , do not fear as you can turn down the decision and re-appeal your case in court. Start the process of appealing against the denial decision as soon as you get the notice in the mail, as this will give you the time to prepare for your hearing by making sure you have all the extra supporting documents you need.
Start by requesting a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge who will handle all your court hearings.
You will significantly increase your chances of being approved if you prepare well before the hearing. There are two main things you can do to significantly increase your chance of winning your social security disability benefit. However, you need to understand that by performing any of the below criteria does not guarantee automatic approval, however if you fail to do anything, you will then be planning for your failure. The tips below  give you a helping hand in preparing for your hearing. Remember, at this stage, preparation is the key to your success.
Make note of Anything that Could Help Your Claim
This may include anything that reinforces what you have written in your claim. It could range from a medical records, employer reports, absence certificates from the doctor or everything that has to do with your disability or medical condition. Make sure you do not under-estimate the power of these documents as they play a vital role in proving the seriousness of your situation. In regards to your medical history, make sure you include the entire record which will show everything from dates of doctor visits to the physician’s specific comment on the dates. You only need the entire medical record, starting only from the time your disability commenced, never before. This will help make sure they pay you not from the day your social security disability  claim becomes accepted, but from the date you first developed the illness.
You can choose to use a Social Security Disability Advocate to handle your hearing. Their job is to collect and send a copy of all your medical records and reports to the Administrative Law Judge. If anything is missing, the advocate will try to relieve it.
Request  Statements from Authentic Sources
This is a very important step as it will serve to clear many things. A medical record will be the basis, yet in many situations the Administrative Law Judge will find it easier and coherent if clear statements go with the medical records to confirm and re-emphasize  your medical condition. On the other hand, statements from authentic sources such as your employer also carry weight and will show another perspective on your case.

Do these two steps and you will be on your way to winning your Social Security Disability Hearing.