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Over the years I have bought several great items on E-bay.  It’s an easy and fun way to pick up a lot of great pieces of clothing, shoes, etc.  But how do you get what you want in the shortest amount of time?    There are many things you can do to be successful at getting what you want on this site.  Let me tell you about some of the things that work best for me.

  1.  Use Buy It Now.  This feature allows you to bypass the auction and buy the item at a set price.  If you do your research you will find that many of the best deals are actually sold this way.  As an example if you find a pair of great jeans and they have the “Buy It Now” option for $15 then you can accept this price and immediately purchase the item.  This little tidbit will save you lots of time and energy, which would otherwise be used for bidding.
  2. Set Location of Items to Your Country.  If you want your items delivered quickly then set the location to your country.    The location setting is found at the bottom of the categories list on the left hand side of the webpage. 
  3. Use the Watch List.  This list shows you when the auction is ending for items that you are interested in purchasing.    You will be kept abreast of how much time is left for each of the ongoing auctions.  You can then make a decision whether or not you should continue to bid or let the item go.  The last minute bid can be the winning bid. 
  4. Automatic Bidding.  If you have a set amount that you are willing to spend on an item you can use Automatic Bidding.  This method works by you placing a bid and then setting the max amount that you will use to buy the item.  The great thing about this method is that no one else is aware of how much you are willing to spend.  E-bay will automatically make bids on your behalf based on whatever the high bid is at the time.  They will keep increasing the bid to make your bid highest until you either win or reach your maximum.  If your max amount is reached they will notify you and you can make the decision to increase your amount to max.  This gives you more flexibility in the bidding process.
  5. Expired Auctions.  Sometimes an auction ends and there is no bid that met the minimum amount requirement.  These items may still be available.  Go through the category called “Ended Auctions” and look in the “More Chances to Get What You Want” section to see if the item is still available, if not check with the seller to see if the item has not been sold.  This is done via messaging to the seller.
  6. Contact the Seller.  If you are not satisfied with the item in any way let the seller know.  Many times they will refund partial or all of your money back.  This helps them to keep a good rating on E-bay.

E-bay is a buying experience like no other.  You can pick up many items at great prices if you know what to do.  Keeping your eye on the auctions, automatic bidding, and using Buy It Now can help you to get the products of your choice at the amount that you would like to pay.  Logon, set your price and get that item.