Writing Interesting and Unique Auto Blogs

Blogging has almost become a way of life. Well, at least for those who love expressing through words or those who want to share knowledge and experience through what they write. It has always excited me to read latest blogs and pieces of some of my most favourite bloggers. I read entertainment blogs, blogs on technology and innovations and one of my most favourite ones is some good quality write-ups about automotive and new cars.

Automotive Blog

 In fact, I have written about many auto brands myself for last couple of years. While it was my job that forced me to take this up, now it has so happened that these auto blogs now interest me like no other. While I am not one of the best writers when it comes to writing an automotive blog, I go through dozens of them every day and have also written thousands of pieces (well not really as good as those seen on Edmunds, Autoblog or Motorauthority) and that is how I at least have enough experience to understand what makes up for a decent blog written about an auto brand or a particular car.

 A very good piece written about a car should and must describe few vital statistics. They are the engine specifications, the generated torque and horsepower, type of transmission system integrated in the vehicle, number of passengers the cabin can accommodate, cargo room, fuel economy that the car returns and of course it’s pricing. If the vehicle belongs to a performance line of an auto brand or is famous for its breathtaking on road performance, then you should and must also mention how much time it takes to sprint from 0-60 mph and if possible even the time taken by the car to cover a quarter of a mile.

Auto Blog

 This much of information is mostly related to a vehicle’s economic and mechanical aspects. Let us now move over to the cosmetics. It is extremely important to describe the look of a car’s exterior and interior in a very subtle way. Now this is where it gets tricky. A person who is willing to buy a top end Lexus SUV might not understand the hi-fi words you’ve used to describe the vehicle. So always go for simple and non-over-descriptive words when you begin to write an automotive blog. Towards the end you can always choose to compare the vehicle with its arch rivals. This always helps a reader to get a better understanding of the car as against its competitors.

 The most important part is your personal experience. Now this can very well decide the fate of your blog because it can potentially set your blog apart from the rest as personal experiences are always unique and mentioning them in your blog will help your piece seem unique and fresh to a reader.

 The fact is no matter what you write about to make it reach a wider audience you need to have a good control over the content and you need to make sure you are not missing something that a reader might be looking forward to in your blog.