If you are an online marketer with your own products to promote, creating that online sales letter is part of the process. But merely writing down the benefits, features and prompting your customers to buy today is not enough to move the sale.

In today's context, you would need to apply some psychological tactics in your online sales letter to convince your customers that your product is the solution to their problem. Only then would they be willing to take out their wallet and make the purchase.

So what are the ingredients of a high impact sales letter? This article will share with you the structure that most big name online marketers are using to create their online sales letter.

The 11-Pointers Structure Of A High Impact Sales Letter

1. Introduction

- Heading

The start of your sales letter should always be your powerful heading - one that will ask your customers to continue reading what they can expect from your product. You can include the main benefit - one that will really solve your customers' problem today as an enticement for them to continue reading.

- Your Name And Reason:

Let your prospects know who you are. Be proud and let them know your name right from the start. This would be beneficial to you in the future especially if you have the intention to introduce more effective products in the future. Your name will give your customers the extra confidence.

Have you seen those "Re:" below the name and wondering what they are? This is known as the Reason. The reason as to why you have written the sales letter your customers are reading.

- Main Introduction

Once you are done with the above, it's time to give your main introduction to what are problems (in general) your current customers are facing and the kind of solutions that they need. This introduction is meant to let your customers agree that they are feeling the same "pain" as your current customers.

2. The Problem

Include in a headline to further introduce the main problem. You can follow by a few paragraphs to share what are the problems your customers faced. If you really understand all the problems faced, write them all down in this section - you have to make your prospects remember and feel the pain all over again.

3. The Solution

Include in a headline that explains that these problems are the reason that you have created your product. In the next paragraph, it's time to introduce your product as the solution to their problems. Highlight the reason why you created the product and give a brief description of what your product is all about.

4. The Features And Benefits

Also include in a headline that you will be introducing the features and benefits of your product. Remember that there is a difference between a feature and benefit. A feature is one that tells what your product can do. A benefit is one that tells what your prospects can gain from making use of that feature.

5. Reason Why

Most sales letter will usually end at Pointer #4 and the order button appears. If you want to be different, you will need to be different.

So at this juncture of your high impact sales letter, you will need to tell your prospects the reason why your product is created with an intention to solve the same problems that they are facing. Introduce a headline to tell them that your product is created with an intention in mind. Follow up with a few paragraph to back up your reason why.

6. Testimonials

Support your product with your current customer's testimonials. Your prospects want to relate to your customers as to what benefits they will be getting from their point of view.

7. Why Buy Today

People have all sort of reasons not to buy your product today even if it does solve their problems. Give them the reasons and explain in details why they need to buy your product today, not tomorrow. Re-highlight the problems that they will be solving and the benefits they will be getting if they get to use your product today.

If you are offering some form of bonuses or limited offers, you may wish to let your prospects know about them in this section.

8. Guarantee

Prospects want to feel confident in their purchase so some form of money-back guarantee will be good. This will help to reinforce what you have explained in Pointer #6 - they commit to get your product to solve their problems but if, in any case, your product does not really solve their problem, they still get to have an alternative way out - a refund.

9. Order Area

This is the area where you have your order button presented. Yes, Finally! And it would be good that in this particular area you give your prospects a recap of what your customer is purchasing and all the benefits that they will be receiving.

It would also be best that you phrase your paragraphs in your customer's context, e.g. "Yes! I want to start using XX Product now and I realize it can do ABC for me" and also statements of the understanding of the benefits that your customer will receive today. For e.g., "I understand... XXXX will help me to do this, this and this. I can see the value of it"

This is to ensure that your customers really appreciate the product that they are buying now and the chances of making use of the money back guarantee is slimmer as well.

10. P.S

Somehow, this little P.S that exists in emails and sales letter get the read. So make use of this at the last bit of your sales letter to convince your prospects to make the purchase. You may also wish to let your prospects know the problems that they will still face and how they will affect them.

11. Call To Actions

Call To Actions are basically links at different part of your sales letter that will direct your prospects to the Order Area. You may want to include them because you need to understand that every prospects are different and they can be convinced to get your product at different section.

Therefore use these Call To Actions link to guide them to the Order Area. Recommended: use up to 5 of such links.

These are the 11 pointers to help you create that high impact sales letter.